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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Some stuff I read today in some interviews and articles about the new Sandman Universe books that are coming from DC - it all has me super stoked about the passion and legitimacy behind this revival.

Neil Gaiman had the 4 writers, Si Spurrier, Nalo Hopkinson, Dan Watters & Kat Howard flown out to New Orleans for a 3 day chat about the 4 new books they will be writing.

Gaiman produced a 2 page document for the new series to layout the main premise for the new series, some stuff he is very specific about, but with plenty scope for freedom for the writers to make the books their own.

There will be a shared resonance between the four books as opposed to full blown crossover.

The Sandman Universe issue coming out in August will set up the four books and feature all the writers and artists who will be involved in them.

The opening chapter kicks off with Daniel going missing along with a particular tome from the library and a new house appearing in the Dreaming - the House of Whispers, belonging to the West African ‘demi-Godess of love’, Erzulie, who looks out for women, girls and gay men.

Hopkinson has been brought in because Gaiman wants her knowledge of Afro-Caribbean folklore and culture to do the Erzulie story and voodoo lore, justice in the House of Whispers book.

Kat Howard has previous experience with spells and books of magic in her End of the Sentence novella, which Gaiman believes makes her the ideal choice for the Books of Magic series. Whilst there will be references to Gaiman’s BoM mini series and the slate won’t be wiped completely clean, she has been given relative control over the new book to do something fresh.

The Dreaming will be the flagship book and will pick up on numerous Sandman Universe threads, including touch points connected to the other books. Spurrier describes is as a ‘fantastical Western’ featuring a frontier town where the sheriff has gone missing. Although Daniel is gone, many old favourites will feature heavily, including Lucien, Cain & Abel, Matthew and Merv.

Dan Watters, who will be writing Lucifier, has reassuringly confirmed that no prior knowledge of either of the previous Lucifer series will be required, this will very much be its own thing.
Although there will be a ‘certain interconnectedness’ to the Dreaming, the Lucifer book will stand on its own after the events of Sandman Universe # 1, which comes out a week on Wednesday.

My excitement is building for these books, i am hopeful that they can recapture the form of 90s Vertigo and hopefully an audience to go with it.

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There I said it. :wink:


Not exactly surprising, but disappointing nonetheless. I was really starting to like this book. I assume that we’ll see them show up in JLD at some point in the future.


That’s a real pity, it was finding its groove


He might be a bit biased.


See above post. :wink:


Hard to find your groove when the only selling point disappears.


The whole thing is a bit of a mess. 6 issues in to The Terrifics they are on their 3rd artist (Joe Bennett who just did a fill-in issue of Suicide Squad, he’s not bad but not a big name). He still gets top billing on this line focusing on the ‘vision of the artists’ who mostly seem to be missing.

It’s still a good book and I’ll still read it but it’s not selling what they advertised was the raison d’etre of the ‘New Age of Heroes’.


The Terrifics was the only one of the batch that grabbed me, and I’m already moving on.


I thought Silencer was decent, but I kinda lost interest, not because it was bad, just because my pull list was big enough already.

New challengers was ok, I like The Terrifics, Damage was ok but a bit one note - I could see it working for younger readers who don’t have investment in a shit ton of characters already.


I think that might have been their intent but it is difficult to get to younger readers. Movies and games i believe are the best ways to get kids interested in your products. Interactivity and Multi Platform attempts work best, imo. The failure of the New Age of Heroes is very disappointing to me. my favorites were The Unexpected and the Immortal Men. Some of the new characters in these books were very fascinating and i hope they don’t disappear once their books are cancelled.


I’m not sure it was really. Their intent seems a little muddled and they never marketed it that way.

DC are now really looking a lot at different channels and markets, Dan Didio did a recent interview about it, they are doing kids and YA stuff that may cross over into the comic shops but that isn’t their target market. It’s bookshops, book clubs and digital.

They do the tie-in stuff mostly via their 99cent weekly digital books. In the absence of any numbers on those I have to assume they are successful because they’ve been doing them for 7 years now and you don’t get to keep doing that if it’s losing money.




Disappointing to hear its been cancelled.
Always a likely possibility, but it ain’t like it hid away the caricatures. Wasn’t any need to get hopes up.


It could have been a teaching instrument. They could have included educational essays by scholars discussing the racism of the times and media portrayals that brings context to the stories.

A missed opportunity.


Yes, there have been plenty of reprints of old comics that have included (by contemporary standards) racist caricatures, and they’ve handled the issue in a similar way - by acknowledging and explaining the issue. Little Nemo In Slumberland and Tintin In The Congo spring to mind.


I’m not reading either, but “refuse” is a loaded word. There are millions of books I don’t read. I’m not actively refusing to, I just haven’t heard any compelling reason why I should and I have plenty of other things to read instead.


I only used the word ‘refuse’ as I know there were some who effectively boycotted the book out of principal. So on reflection I actually answered my own question as to why some ‘refused’!