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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Agreed, Frank and Johns’ use of the 3x3 is the best and most impactful aspect of the comic. People might jeer at his forced attempts at a Mature Rating, but the construction the two of them put into pages is rather wonderful.


The art is great, the plotting… not so much. I have quite a few problems with yesterday’s issue 6, but will elaborate later.


I figure that the setup stuff is now over and the book will take off at # 7

I trust that Johns knows what he is doing and knows what the readers want so the action will come soon enough


I’m happy others are enjoying it. I didn’t mean to just cast stones at it. I think it’s good to know what’s for you and what’s not and be OK with that.

In fact, part of me kind of hopes that the new Watchmen show on HBO is a stealth Doomsday Clock adaptation. :wink:


Quick question. I’ve bought the first 6 issues of Doomsday Clock but not read any yet. How does it compare to Before Watchmen in terms of craft? I liked pretty much all of BW and don’t get why some people refused to read it. Actually, I wonder if those that did refuse are also not reading Doomsday Clock?


I imagine people who didn’t want to read Before Watchmen on principle would feel the same about Doomsday Clock.

As for people who just weren’t interested in Before Watchmen, I guess the DCU connection might be an extra enticement to read Doomsday Clock, if you’re interested in following that side of things.


Well, there is a big omnibus of Before Watchmen coming near the end of the year…


I only read The Minutemen out of the Before Watchmen books as it had the best reviews. It’s Darwyn Cooke so the craft is great but I found the story a bit boring to be honest.

The difference is that despite being in the Watchmen world it reads like a Darwyn Cooke comic, it’s more like The New Frontier than Watchmen in style.

In Doomsday Clock they really are trying to work to the structure and attention to detail of Moore and Gibbons on the original.


Minutemen & Silk Spectre were among the best ones really.


Minutemen is still leagues above Silk Spectre.

Honestly, I would compare Doomsday Clock to the Ozymandias mini. Artistically sound, but something indelible is missing.


I didn’t have the problems with BW that many had, I enjoyed a good few of them - I think DC is stronger though in terms of craft.

I think Johns said recently it takes him 10 times longer to write an issue than it does normally, and that effort is evident in the final product.


I have been reading (but not re-reading yet) Doomsday Clock and mostly enjoying it. And Gary Frank’s art is just top notch, so that’s a very big plus for me.
On issue 6, I liked knowing a bit more about the new characters Mime and Marionette (I think Johns likes doing Secret Origins type stories).
Even though it looks he’s dragging the story and we are now halfway (but still with current bi-monthly schedule, we are 1 year away from the final issue) I guess due to the “homage” feeling to Watchmen that won’t be a problem, since in issue 12 (this is just a theory of mine) we will discover that whatever the characters have to stop has already happened and may be irreversible… after it maybe the different natures between Watchmen and DC universes could allow for more positive ending on DC’s universe (maybe with returns from JSA and LSH).



Jul 24
I’ve been doing this amazing job for over 30 years and I feel like I’m just getting started. I still have a huge bucket list to get through: LSH, Titans, JSA, a massive DC event series, Batman, Spidey, DD, X-Men and that doesn’t include the dozens of C/O projects I have in mind.

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Sometimes I think @bryanhitch tweets this stuff just to troll people because he knows how much people want to see these books. When I saw this it reminded me of the tweet where he said that he WOULD HAVE loved to do LSH with Hickman.


*Kings of Fear #4" cover by Kelley Jones.


That cover is going to look sweet when I have it airbrushed on the side of my van.


Are you finally covering up your “Free Candy” graphic? :wink:


Kevin Feige just fired you for that post.



That cover is insane and incredible
Love the colours on it


This should get some conversation going, hopefully: