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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Mahnke has always been more of a Batman artist to me. Having him on Superman never quite sat right. I hope this is a long term run, and not just for the lead up to #1000.


Well looks like I’ll be picking tec up again then. I dropped it 2 issues after tynions run as it was just spinning it’s wheels. I trust in tomasi though


Is this a good time to mention I live in walking distance of the Jameson distillery?


The Bryan hill stuff is pretty good btw. The issue before that was terrible though.


Thomasi and Manke is a great team and I’ve been a fan of Thomasi for a long time, his Batman and Robin companion work to Morrison’s Batman run was truly heartfelt.

However I’d like to have Thomasi on The Flash or Green Arrow, or another book he has not had a run on yet.


I loved heir B&R. I read an article their book is going to be about Batman going international and taking on the League of Assassins. Definitely adding that to the pull list.


In other SDCC Bat news, this looks pretty cool :sunglasses:


As has been said before, it’s an interesting concept but I’m not sure the DCU universe is the best place to explore the idea. And the mass shooting thing just makes it feel a little silly and a little gross, somehow.


Making your area of town perfect for the 7-10 day Millarworld Netflix party (just before it all starts rolling out).
Think of it, a huge throng of us pimping & promoting Millarworld in front of National and International media.
Partying, seeing beautiful Ireland (the first time for many of us) and meeting Lorcan (others too, of course).

Just get Millar to pay our way. Oh I know what his first reaction will be.
But this is a really good idea. Sell him on it.

Fuck, I’ve already fixated on the whole thing and can’t wait.
It’s going to be awesome!

The only question I have is; does ‘hookers & blow’ need to be kept on the down-low?

Ah dammit, I may have gone too far and made a mistake.
Is “down-low” hyphenated or not?


They make comics announcements at San Diego Comic Con?


I just heard about this “Old Woman Harley” storyline.

(To jog your memory…)

It looks like a pretty funny riff on OML, but it’s a bit weird that it’s so late. Maybe the Logan movie has made the idea a bit more relevant again?


Marvel also just did Old Man Hawkeye.


They also did Old Lady Laura with X-23.


Old Avengers mini incoming…


Not replying to you Robert.
Accident, and then my phone wont let me cancel.

Solicitations for October 2018 thread

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Interesting that they’re going back and pulling stuff like All-Star Superman into the ‘Black Label’ line.

I wonder how far they’ll take it. Watchmen? DKR? Killing Joke? Maybe all their perennials will be brought under the imprint.


Maybe we’ll finally get ASBAR as part of the Black Label line.


Just in time for it to be finished. :wink:




Damn. I was hoping the next printing would be a Deluxe Hardcover of the Absolute material.