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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here



Dale or Lee Bermejo are perfect for this. Bermejo covers?


Absolutely amazing news -I’ve long wondered what Morrison could do with a GL book. I hoped it would be him!!

Liam Sharpe makes it even more enticing.

Really excited about this, the biggest comics news for me personally in quite some time.


Just as excited for Johns getting more involved in writing again as I am morrrison

He’s the best mainstream superhero writer in the biz for my tastes


Eaglesham is good news but his art always looks funky to me. The elbows he draws look too rounded and the hands look too small. Odd to pick out, I realize but it won’t stop me from buying the book. Johns clearly loves the Shazam franchise so this should be a good book.


As a nostalgist of old school MW, I have to mention that Liam Sharp looked great rocking the Mr T. I remember vaguely that he someone from MW Mafia(Carlos?) in a headlock while wearing it.

but yes, He is a good artist and I too will look forward to the GL book.


Did you catch any of his Justice Society stuff? Or the couple issues where Marvel tried to re-launch Alpha Flight? Don’t know why he hasn’t landed a steady gig, maybe he isn’t a steady-gig guy?


It was his Justice Society work where I noticed the small hands and rounded elbows.


I’m with Will. There is an indescribable oddness to Eaglesham’s work. I feel the same way about Patrick Zircher and Doug Braithwaite’s styles too (amongst others).


I love Eaglesham, I’m with Miqque, I’ve always been surprised that he’s not had ongoing big gigs


Yeah count me pro Eaglesham. To be honest I’m a bit surprised he’s divisive. I had no idea.


I like Eaglesham but I understand what Will means.


I’m not anti Eaglesham, it’s just something odd I noticed.


I’ll side with Tom; like him (Pro-Shamite), but I can see your point.

However, the rabid anti-Shamite bastards should be ashamed of themselves…


Tell me how I can receive your forgiveness?


I’m really not sure about this:

At a DC press event at San Diego Comic-Con, DC writer Tom King revealed new details on his upcoming event with artists Clay Mann and Mitch Gerads, Heroes in Crisis. When DC uses “crisis” in a title, it’s typically a signal that the story will feature epic stakes as the fate of the multiverse hangs in jeopardy, but this time around, it’s a much more grounded and personal story. Heroes in Crisis will introduce a new location in the DC Universe called Sanctuary, a technologically advanced therapy center for superheroes to give them the help they need need after enduring physical and psychological trauma on a day-to-day basis, but things take a grim turn when a dozen superheroes are massacred in a shooting inside Sanctuary. The first question is, who is the mysterious shooter? The second, how will the heroes put it all back together?


So, it’s another Identity Crisis?


Funny. I like Patch Zircher, don’t know anything about him. Dougie I’ve known so long he’s still Dougie in my mind. (He’s recovering from a sprained Achilles in a cast, having done it to himself on the pitch first day of the World Cup. Has not improved his mood.)


Irish whiskey!
Or seriously, maybe my attempt at humor wasn’t that funny and that episode of Seinfeld is pretty old.
(I also fail to use winky face thingies that may help out when calling people names.)

If it didn’t come across/translate well, then sorry.


During DC Comics’ Batman Family panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, writer Tom King briefly explained that the Dark Knight will be returning to his vintage Hush costume because he “no longer wants to wear the costume [he] wore when he was with Catwoman.”

Ah, that makes a lot of sense… except he WAS WITH CATWOMAN IN HUSH TOO. :joy: