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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I thought Sharp’s work on Wonder Woman was pretty good, but I love his preview art for GL.


I hope he doesn’t go too crazy with that veiny muscley look on GL…


Goddamnit. Hal? Really? Disappointed.

That being said, I do like that creative team, so it’s probably a purchase regardless.


That was 25 years back or so, it was kind of compulsory at the time. :smile: The pics I posted of Wonder Woman and Brave and the Bold are what he’s doing now.


The preview art does suggest a bit of that, still. :slight_smile:


He was at C2E2 a couple years ago with Rucka and seemed to be a really nice guy.


That is gorgeous.


There are some crazy veins on that ‘boar head’ character too in the recent Wonder Woman pic but it’s all forgiven when it looks that nice. :smile:


I’ll probably get Morrison’s GL if the reviews are good but in trades, not the floppies as I’d have to travel to Utrecht or Amsterdam for the nearest comic shop.


I talk to Liam a lot. This one I’m waiting for in hardback. Now, If we could just convince DC to not put color all over the art!


Having a heard a little bit of the kind of stuff they’re going to do, Liam is PERFECT for this book/take.

It’s going to be immense and I can’t wait.


I bought the first two issues digital, and it just made me mad. This is one that needs a long, slow read, savoring each panel.


A lot of that is Laura Martin’s colours. Not that Liam’s work isn’t outstanding. But, credit where credit is due.


I love Laura’s colors. It’s just that I like Liam’s (and others) naked artwork more. Had I some druthers, I’d like a compilation of line and ink work, one with writing overlaid, and then the full color - all in one excellent edition for $3.99.

I have got to work on this psychosis thing.


Unveiled during a press breakfast at San Diego Comic-Con, five new titles will be added to the DC Ink young adult line, led by Oracle: Rising, written by #1 New York Times best-selling author Marieke Nijkamp — an original story about Barbara Gordon’s transformation into a new superhero after an assault by the Joker left her in a wheelchair — and Shadow of the Batgirl, written by Heroine Complex author Sarah Kuhn.

Additionally, the line will gain an adaptation of the prose novel Wonder Woman: Warbringer written by Louise Simonson (the original novel was written by Leigh Bardugo), an Aqualad project by Alex Sanchez with the working title Truth or Consequences: A Jack Hyde Story, and Michael Moreci’s Dick Grayson: Lost Carnival. Artists for all titles will be announced at a later date.

Meanwhile, the middle reader DC Zoom imprint will add its first Wonder Woman project with Diana, Princess of the Amazons, written by the husband and wife team of Shannon and Dean Hale, neither of whom are strangers to writing young fearless heroines; they’re the writers behind Marvel’s best-selling Unbeatable Squirrel Girl prose novels.

DC also announced artists for a number of previously unveiled Zoom and Ink titles, including Andie Tong on Green Lantern: Legacy, Gustavo Duarte on Dear Justice League, Thomas Pitilli on Gotham High, Chris Wildgoose on Batman: Nightwalker, and the fan-favorite team Gurihiru on the much-anticipated Superman Smashes the Klan, written by MacArthur Fellowship recipient Gene Luen Yang.


Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok’s Three Jokers will consist of three 40 page prestige format issues. “It’s not about other dimensions, or other Earths. It’s a very grounded, emotional story.”

“It focuses on Bruce, Barbara, and Jason.”

Three Jokers will be a DC Black Label book, but will tie-in to DC Universe continuity. “We’re hoping it’ll be out this winter,” said Johns.


Oh hell yes.


Morrison on Green Lantern is indeed a dream project. It’ll probably bring a lot of eyes that don’t normally read Lantern, and it brings the character back to or above the prestige level Johns achieved. Couldn’t be more excited.


Wow, really? People need to get a damn grip.


Hell, yes.