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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


This looks interesting.


That’s does sound pretty interesting, although I’ve kinda sworn off Orlando now after far too many books of his falling flat with me, despite showing some good potential


I’ve never read much Orlando but I like Foreman though.


This looks like a cool Halloween treat!



Giant Morrison scares me! :smile:


Giant Rucka, Johns, and…Waid? scare me too


Maybe the worst kept secret in comics? :smile:

Still, great to get official confirmation and I look forward to it.


I’m sure it will be good because Tynion but I do think it’s a bummer and historically a bad sign that a book that isn’t even out yet has a crossover lined up in its first six months.


Cool. I’m down to check out a Morrison GL series.


I’ve always thought Morrison would be perfect on a GL series. Looking forward to a lot of space craziness.

Is Liam Sharp good? I’m not familiar with him.


I might actually check this out.


Liam has posted here a few times, he’s a British artist who started with 2000ad. He did a lot of work for Marvel in the 90s, kind of moved on to other things and came back to DC with Wonder Woman a couple of years ago. His style is very detailed, I like it a lot.


Oh yes, yes indeed


What are the chances he can keep a monthly schedule with that level of detail?

Maybe he can get Quitely to do a couple of fill ins. :wink:


Damn, I wasn’t familiar with Sharp either, but that looks very nice indeed. Looking forward to this even more now. GL’s always been a favorite of mine and I think Morrison is just crazy enough to make it worthwhile.


He managed it on Wonder Woman with Rucka, working every other issue with Nicola Scott on a twice monthly comic he did 12 issues without any delays or fill-ins.


This has supposedly been in the works for a while so he may have had a head start.


As irrelevant as it is he’s a really nice bloke too. It’s been a few years since he was here but he chatted along with all the usual idiots like me. He actually started at 2000ad pretty much the same time Morrison did in the late 80s, I suspect they would know each other from cons over the years but I don’t think they’ve ever worked together before.

He did Death’s Head for Marvel UK in the 90s and then moved on to Hulk with Peter David. Did some work with a digital concept for a few years and came back to mainstream US comics with Rebirth.


I’m assuming it’s because he wanted to tie it into Halloween. Coming out for Valentines Day probably wouldn’t work :wink: