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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Unless they’re going to announce it at SDCC.


I can’t see Wilson giving up Ms Marvel.


Same here but just from the outside, DC is looking like a better place to work than Marvel right now.


Yeah, but used to creators mixed ‘n’ matched, no reason it can’t work here - unless Wilson decides she’s done as much as she can with Kamala Khan, she’s up to what? A 50-issue run with the character now?


Yup, #50 just came out.


I don’t want her run to end, but I’ve OHC4 downstairs and 50 issues plus is a damn fine achievement, so if it has to happen…


She could well work on both. Neither seem that into exclusives as they were a decade ago. Only reserving them for the very big names. There are writers now like Lemire that shift between them.


I’m just saying Marvel is going to regret not giving her an exclusive.


Well crap. Now I’m going to have to but Wonder woman again


So much for Bendis being a good Superman writer.

What the hell with Martian Manhunter suggesting Clark he should basically become Miracleman?


I loved that part and is one of the things that really sold me on Bendis (see my review in the New Comics thread). It’s not the first time that has happened see Dark Knight Strikes Again and other stories that aren’t quite coming to mind now. It’s also a theme they’ve been pushing for Jor-El for some time in film and comics. So putting that idea in another character’s mouth made it more interesting especially getting Superman’s pushback on the idea.


My assumption was that it wasn’t really Martian Manhunter.


He’s got a title coming out from Vertigo. That’s the DC connection here.


That sucks for him, do love his response.

The Vertigo relaunch news sounds quite good, assuming they don’t prematurely axe any of them:


I’d love to get hold of these cunts that think it’s ok to abuse and threaten folk on social media and put the fuckin fear of god into them.

At the same time, if I received death threats from nerds I wouldn’t exactly be quaking in my boots.

I like that he has responded with love, i’d love it if he responded by getting tooled up with wee chocolate bananas shouting “come intae me!!!”


I mean that’s the thing, 99.99% are just dickheads sounding off but there’s always the very small chance one of them carries something through because those cases have happened and that carries the worry at the back of someone’s mind.


Plus, even if it’s just nerds yelling at you, if the volume is high enough and the yelling is frequent enough it can take a lot out of you.


This is a classic, still brilliant five years later:

The Vertigo titles sound really good by the way:

The seven new series include Border Town written by Eric M. Esquivel with art by Ramon Villalobos, Hex Wives by Ben Blacker and Mirka Andolfo, American Carnage by Bryan Hill and Leandro Fernandez, Goddess Mode by Zoë Quinn and Robbi Rodriguez, High Level by Rob Sheridan and Barnaby Bagenda, Safe Sex by Tina Horn and Mike Dowling and Second Coming by Mark Russell and Richard Pace. Border Town is expected to debut in September, Hex Wives in October, American Carnage in November, and Goddess Mode in December, with the remaining titles coming in 2019.

These seven new comics cover a variety of genres, including fantasy, horror, science fiction, true crime and superheroes. They also seem ready to follow in the Vertigo tradition, with the series’ summaries suggesting the new line will continue tackling social issues such as racism, sexism and religious extremism with a sharp, satirical edge. The most controversial of these new series may be Second Coming - a series about Jesus returning to Earth and being horrified by the state of modern Christianity in America, as represented by an all-powerful superhero called Sun-Man, who is described as “the varsity quarterback son God never had.”

Another standout title is Goddess Mode - a dystopian story about a world protected by super-powered women and the all-powerful artificial intelligence that rules their society. While there’s nothing overly political about the concept, the fact that Goddess Mode is written by Quinn - the game developer who endured an unprecedented level of harassment due to Gamergate - will doubtlessly lead to some degree of organized protest online.


Yeah that was amazing, they should have broadcast it live on TV. :smile:


James Robinson’s New Krypton epic? Amazing, alright, a bit naff? Opinions?

I’m tempted to pick up all the issues with the ComiXology 60% off DC offer for SDCC.

It’ll still be a bit pricey, but there’s probably never going to be a better deal on them.