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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Am I the only one who found the whole thing super forced? I read a couple of issues… and I don’t know… Bruce and Selina calling each other “bat” & “cat” felt super corny and forced… it all seemed that way.


He’s the ultimate cockblocker.


How do you think they should adress each other?


Nope. Me too. It was naff. Which was why the new twist at least redeems the concept of the last 25 issues somewhat. If not the execution.


by their actual names Bruce and Selina?? They’ve never adressed each other in any different way, but certainly not as “bat & cat”… that’s cringy as hell…




the hidden power of the Ultraviolet Lantern Corps, one of the seven hidden forces of the universe locked away behind the Source Wall.

So in addition to the current seven Lantern colors, there will be seven more?

I think they have overthought this a bit too much.


Or, and hear me out here - they haven’t thought about this at all.


It can be two th… oh no, actually it can’t this time.


It’s all Alan Moore’s fault.


At the Batman panel I was at in Denver Comic con, the panel asked each creator who their favorite character was. Guess who King said? (hint: it has to do with the spoiler). not suprised. My foray into reading Batman on a monthly basis has ended. It was a good run but Tynion is gone and King has dived off into the deep end.

Gotham Girl and Skeets ???

BTW, after Hitchy’s reminder(see World Cup thread), As I leave the City of Gotham behind I wonder what ever happened to Saturn Girl in Arkham?


It can be two things. One is just hidden, is all.


So I’m guessing:




You forgot Whiter Shade of Pale.


and Back in Black, of course.

Obviously they will be the two extra secret secret extra colours that are the hidden equivalent of the surprising secret black lanterns and white lanterns that we found out about a while back.



The Gray Area


It could have been worse. They could have used Deep Purple.

I think you flown to New York (via Legion Flight Ring) and launched a full-on assault on DC Comics if they had done that.


Cherry Apple Red
Mellow Yellow (a.k.a. Don’t You Eat That Yellow Snow)
Blue Moon / Mood / As I Can Get
Green With Envy
Indigo Girls (Too on point?)
Big Evil Carrot
Paint It Black / Black Is Black, I Want My Baby Back / Black Dog

and, of course.

White Sweet Christmas!