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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Well the wedding was a stupid idea in the first place… so yeah… =/


D) read the book, don’t want to know what happens until I read it

I think my behind behind on the thread has worked out well because I have managed to miss te spoilers, although I can maybe hazard a guess as to what it is just by seeing the reaction


Interview with robert vendetti at the back of this week’s dc comics

He’s confirmed he’s dropping off Green Lantern Corps in August, having done 97 issues of the character(s)

I’ve read about maybe 75% of his GL stuff, he’s done some really good issues and others solid to average.

His current long arc with the Darkstars has been terrific, so he’s going out with a bang.

I expect there will be an announcement soon on the big name taking over that Deniz hinted at.

Predictably I really hope that it is Morrison, although I kinda suspect it might be King.

I’ve been wanting a Morrison run on GL for decades. I don’t think I’ll get it, but it’s one of the big DC franchises that he has not really had a lot of involvement with.


Batman 50: :joy::joy::joy:

So misguided.


Spoilers please?


In hidden spoiler text please.


Well yeah I figured that is a given.


Basically, Holly reiterates to Selina what Joker said about Batman being happy means he won’t be Batman, so she bails out…

Later they show that she told her that under orders of… BANE, who is sitting in a mountain of golden skulls in Arkham ASylum surrrounded by his cabal, which includes: Joker, Riddler, Hugo Strange, Psychopirate, Scarface & Ventriloquist, Gotham Girl, FLASHPOINT BATMAN and Skeets!



Kiss my ass. :wink:


Unusual wedding vows.


Will and I wanted something different. :wink:


Holy cow that sounds dumb. I’m still going to pick the issue up but this sounds like my jumping off point.


(A). I still have enough of an interest in the characters, plus a general interest in the mechanics of plotting something like this, to wonder how it’s going to play out. But I’m not reading the comics, so it doesn’t matter if I find the answers before or after they are published.

Edit: I just realised you were talking about spoilers in general; I was thinking specifically of the Batman thing.

If it’s actually a comic (/movie/tv show) I follow, I avoid spoilers.


Strangely, this actually inclines me to being re-interested!

If I read the next lot of issues knowing there won’t be a wedding, it won’t be a dashed expectation.

But, if I also know it’s this ludicrously convoluted, complex plot by Bane to screw Batman over, that makes it more interesting to me due to the opening Bane trilogy. There Bats basically screws over Bane’s perfect life, for what he considers as good reason - to save Gotham Girl. So, in return Bane is screwing over Bats’ chance at happiness for the low reason of revenge - which keeps the dark mirror link of the two characters King established in that opening trilogy.

But, if he’s linked up with all the other villains - including Psycho Pirate, who can screw with emotions, and Flashpoint Batman, who arguably triggered the entire undertaking in the Button story, then it becomes another grand ‘break Batman’ story in the tradition of Batman RIP and loads of others.

The bigger question mark over it all is what vengeance Bats will wreeak on the lot of them once he finds out? King has really pushed the villainy, but at the expense of Bats. If he re-balances that, then this could be far more intriguing for me.


Overall I was pretty let down by this. I was very much for the wedding. So to see that we’re probably just going to be getting more of the same old broody Batman, felt like a massive cop out to me. Especially after all the build up.

And just as a comic, I though it was a pretty lacklustre production. I’m so over Kings little story telling tricks at this point. The characters dialogue and artwork mirroring each other. And the constant use of repetition, are things he’s doing in almost every issue now. And it just feels very noticeable and distracting to me.

And some of the pin ups were nice. But it did feel a bit like they had some spare variant covers left over, so they just tossed some text on them.

This might age better when I see what comes next. But for now I’m pretty let down by the whole thing.


Concerning the Wal-Mart 100 pagers, Dan Didio says: …we’re putting new stories in there to attract the current fanbase, but we are also putting our best-reprinted stories in there to hopefully bring in the more casual fan”

That’s counter intuitive, even.


From what I gather, most of them have been hoovered up by comics fans to flip on ebay at inflated prices.

So much for new readers getting a look in.


An old colleague of mine went out to buy a copy and they’d all been swept up first thing that morning.

They didn’t expect any more to come in so they gave her the display box.


Yeah, I’d agree

if you’d bought into the wedding aspect, this is going to feel like a crappy bait-and-switch.

For all that I’m more optimistic about it, it is still very dependent on how it plays out which argues for my reading it in OHC form.


I am “intrigued” on how they are going to explain all of this, because if you are Bane and your manipulations can include time travel, alternate timelines and universes and the likes of it, to focus on messing with Batman’s romantic status is kind of underwhelming, not to say idiotic.