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DC exec addresses Batman spoilers


That’s a whole lot of words to say “we fucked up”.


Miqque…how the heck do you get that from what was said?


A for me. Some of the stuff I am just curious about.


I’ve never seen the career of a comic book writer rise and crash so quickly as Tom King’s.


I don’t know. It’s been happening a lot lately - although it’s more because the industry seems to be really ramping up the frequency at which they crown “new genius writers” before their time.


How has his career crashed?


I wouldn’t say it’s crashed. This isn’t his fault DC spoiled the ending. But don’t think he’s endeared himself to fans with the wedding not happening.


I’ve skipped most his Batman (except for the Superfriends arc which I thought was solid) but Mister Miracle has been incredible.


The guy is one of DC’s top selling and most popular writers. He made a Miracleman book a smash hit based on his name and talent. Kinda perplexed as to how his career is crashing…


Nah…nah, man.

Totally awful.


Most readers say otherwise. :wink:

When’s the last time Scott Free had his own book that sold so well and was so well regarded? I would bet it was when a guy whose name rhymes with Smack Dirby was on the book. Maybe not even then. :wink:


I was going to mention the Seven Soldiers mini, but that was Shilo Norman wasn’t it.


I said it was awful.
Not that it ain’t selling.

Cause, well, it’s complete shite.

Did JMD’s run sell badly? I was going to mention that.


That may have been on purpose. Even so, that was part of an event and I’m not sure it would have sparked as much interest outside of that.

You think it’s “shite” which seems to be a minority opinion from what I’ve seen.

I don’t even remember that happening. How long ago was that?


It’s pretty popular among New Gods circles for the general atmosphere, use of concepts, and the execution of new ideas within the mythos. I might not like it, in fact, I rather dislike it. But I can respect it as a story in its own right and acknowledge that even if it’s not to my personal taste…it is well done.

Nothing of such can be said about King’s version. Very trite stuff, generously speaking. And you’re right, outside of barely a handful of others I’ve met, it is a minority opinion…yet, I remain hopeful it’ll win out.


You’re hoping that more people will join you in disliking something? “Trite” is also the last word I’d use for that book.


Nah, I remain hopeful that I won’t seem so on the fringe, or as you lovingly joked the other day “on crack”.

And it is perhaps maybe the perfect word to describe the series. Tired is another word. Aggressively boring is a term as well.


Sounds controversially bland to me. :wink:


Goshdarnit, you madman. :smiley: :clap: