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Why Would Doctor Manhattan Alter the DC Universe?


So, I just took a look at the Wonder Woman: Rebirth preview:

It has to have perhaps the most blatant yet smart have-their-cake-and-eat-it moment I’ve seen in ages. Yeah, think this is going to deliver on some very high expectations.


And I get to do it, also, side by side with Tim Drake, Red Robin, who is literally my favorite character that exists in all of comics. Every single issue of this run, I think, will show how much I really love the character, because he’s right at the heart of what they’re building here.

James Tynion, upcoming writer of Detective Comics

Okay. I’ll play. You’ve got my attention. Don’t mess it up.


Tynion is a very good writer, at times he is excellent - I’m hoping that as it seems his heart is really in this that we will see some of his best work on Detective.


The New Comics thread is probably not the place for this, so I’ll bung it in here, since it’s all DC Rebirth related.

Out of what we have had so far, I don’t want to repeat what I’ve said already, so I’ll summarise where I’ve already made more in depth comments.

The Rebirth 80 page special, I thought was amazing. It just completely resonated with me. So I’ll chalk that up to a success.

Batman Rebirth I though did a great job of prepping us for King taking over and doing his thing, I really enjoyed it, I thought it was a really good price of writing and art in the end.

Green Arrow Rebirth I felt was a really solid book, it set up the new status quo very well, introducing the main players clearly to make it easy for new readers to follow but not too repetitive for those have been reading Ben Percy’s run prior to that issue.

Superman Rebirth had a really tough job to do and I think it just about pulled it off. That’s a title with a bit of a complicated backstory, but I felt it made interesting reading and I’m pretty keen to see how it pans out. It basically summed up what has happened to the new 52 superman, who this other superman is with the black costume and also reflected back to the Death of Superman story from the 90s which I kinda needed a refresher on, as it was so poorly written I only skimmed it when I bought it as a teenager I liked some of the emotional beats which Thomasi generally excels at.

Green Lantern Rebirth I thought was really good.i stopped reading the books not long after Johns chucked it, because they became very turgid and there was too many crossovers. A quick recap on Simon Baz, who I think is a great character when it comes to dealing with the ‘fear’ element, and overcoming that, given the current world climate and the attitude from some towards Muslims (and the medias role in really pushing it). Plus Jessica Cruz who has been a key character in recent JL issues.
I also like the idea of the mysterious new ring - I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.
It was enough to keep me reading for now, I think Humpries was a good choice so interested to see where he goes.


Lex Luthor Declares Himself the New Superman

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Joe Madureira’s “Justice League: Rebirth” #1 Cover Revealed


I’d love to see him do some interiors for DC in the future.


I won’t get my mitts onto my subs until next week but looking forward to all the Rebirth titles. Bit peeved though as I’m missing out on Green Arrow due to an error from the store so I’ll just have to settle for whenever the 2nd printing hits.


That is a greatly convulted backstory this Superman has. Hopefully they can clear up this mess and steamline his continuity as soon as possible.


There’s a preview for this week’s Superman #1 up at CBR.

As I suspected was possible, they sum up everything in Superman: Rebirth #1 in a couple pages. It also seems that Tomasi/Gleason use bizarrely designed and slightly pointless double page spreads with as much frequency as Bendis. There are 3 in a 4 page preview with only 1 serving a real purpose. I want so badly for this book to be good but I can’t say the preview inspires confidence.


Oh wow. That actually looks pretty good.
I’m excited now, though I still need to catch up quite a bit.
I’d say that second double-page spread is certainly earned. :wink:
The colours are looking pretty good there too.


Gleason is so amazing. Just so, so amazing.

I think, as of late, he’s actually surpassed his mentor just a bit. But it’s great to have them both on this book, together.


That one was really good. The other two in the first 4 pages (7 if you count each of the DPS as two pages) were not. On top of that, you’ve already read 1/3 of the comic now due to the number of DPS


I admit that showing so much in a preview does feel a little wasteful, but rejoice at the glorious widescreen full-bleed storytelling. The physical version is going to be a beauty. It might be so good that I’ll end up switching back from digital (though I reckon my LCS put in the orders for the first two issues before I told them to cancel).
I’m hopeful that we’ll finally get a strong Superman monthly.

How was Action Comics, Ronnie? I can’t remember if you’ve read it, but if you posted your thoughts here then I probably saw them and just can’t remember. :confused:


I liked it OK but Superman probably wasn’t my favorite part. I’m cautiously optimistic. Here’s a link to my review.


Aha, there we go.
I have to say that I could happily live my life while never reading another Superman comic with Doomsday in it. That’s mainly what puts me off Action Comics right now, but I’ll check out the first issue when I catch up with Kal and his Rebirth.


I know there aren’t enough rewards to do it for most, but I’d still create a bevy of new villains for Superman if I ever got the chance.


That would be nice.
I’d probably ape Morrison’s New X-Men format and get Lex off the board for a while to focus on the new adversaries that I roll out, before bringing Lex back in the final year.

I know that’s oversimplifying things a bit (and spoiling my hypothetical run), but it would be nice to not see the new, revised Parasite for the billionth time.