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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I’ve not read the spoilers, doubtful I will last until Wednesday but Tom King isn’t exactly hiding how much it pisses him off.

Another DC writer:

It’s actually a fair amount of the reason I went entirely Marvel Unlimited for their comics, yes you have to wait but any major surprise in comic could be on ET and various websites 2 days before the comic anyway. They are read now with no element of surprise unless it’s a really obscure book.




I had a feeling they were going to do this but really hoping hey weren’t.

Now we get fifty more years of the cold, emotionally stunted asshole instead of something much more interesting.


Yeah The joker issue I thought telegraphed pretty clearly that this is where it was heading.


Best comment I’ve read so far:

Look guys. If you refuse to let your characters grow or change by forming lasting, permanent relationships, STOP WRITING WEDDING STORYLINES.

Seriously now. Either give people some actually forward movement on relationships that have been simmering for 30-70 years, or stop dicking around in the first place.


One comment I’ve read on another forum also put it rather reasonably, to paraphrase:

“With a character like Batman, doing such a long storyline - with many tie-ins - for what is commonly thought to be such a momentous occasion outside of comics, of course people will inflate it. Regardless of theme or not, DC should have vetoed the storyline, to avoid the hubbub, or they should have done it and waited for after to disavow it, to keep with King’s main themes.”


Same. After I read that issue I immediately had a sinking feeling that this is the direction they’re going. I may give the follow on arc a try but I’ve lost interest.


Even though mainstream press have spoiled the story, I’m sure some people here are trying to keep from it. Please spoiler at least until Wednesday.


No problem, just spoilered my previous posts


Kiss my ass.


Come make me. :wink:


I have not read any spoilers but from Will, Rory and JR, i get the gist of it. but I was going to stop reading Batman after 50 so it really does not bother me much. just more evidence to prove my decision is the right one.


Ah, these Sandman Universe covers are nice.

Jill Thompson:

Sam Kieth:

P Craig Russell:

David Mack:


Quick poll re spoilers in general purely for my curiosity. Those that read them, are you?

A) not reading the book(s) but have an interest so want to know
B) read the book(s) and don’t mind it being spoiled
C) don’t like being out of the loop so need that info!

I guess this applies to movies/tv etc as well.


For me it’s B. I don’t mind reading spoilers. Tthe interesting part is as much the journey as the destination, if not more so.


Me, it’s A. I have many friends who are reading the arc, and I enjoy having a breadth of knowledge for general discussion/dissection with them.


If only there were a way to do polls around here. :wink:


Let’s put it to a vote

  • Use The Poll Function
  • Use Our Words Instead

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Can it not be both? :wink:


Let’s save that question for another poll tomorrow