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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


he used to do a blog like 10 years ago and I asked him at a con about 6 years ago if he would do more and he said he wanted to focus 100% on his comic work so it might be unlikely to see anything non-comics from him, but you never know.


Can someone clarify just one thing:
Is this app available to subscription in a worldwide manner, or are there some countries where that may be impossible? (like Netflix was in the beginning)


It’s going to be US-only.


Has Swamp Thing ever had a run in with Poison Ivy?


He put some calamine lotion on it and it was fine.


I just sprayed down a bunch of poison ivy this week.


Lame. I don’t want to pay a premium for some crappy shows I’d never watch. Just give me the comics! And all of them!!


I said it in one of the other threads, but I’m super curious about pricing. Because it doesn’t sound to me like they’re going to have enough worthwhile content for any segment of the audience to really be worthwhile. Some of the shows sound promising, but we have no idea what the quality will be like. The decision to make the movies available for exclusive viewing windows sounds like a bad idea, and not knowing what kind of comic book content will be there is discouraging too. They’re going to have to find a way to be competitive with Netflix and Disney (once that service launches) and I just don’t know that they’ll have the content necessary to do that.


It’s got to be sub $9.99, you’d think the sweet spot would be $4.99-$6.99.


Looks like it…


It’s DC. They’ll tell you $2.99, but next time you look it’s $4.99 and they’re shipping twice a month.


DC spoiled Batman #50 in today’s NY Times:


This is getting ridiculous on multiple levels.

First, that the companies are undermining their own product for the sake of fleeting PR.

Second - you click on this and you lose all right to complain - is anyone actually going to ever buy into the plot of “character X getting hitched”? About the only title I can think of that did both a wedding and a divorce well was Deadpool. Not good.


If it weren’t for the rampant time travelling and dimension hopping - All three of The Flashes would be doing alright.
And Golden Age Wondy and Steve were kicking it up in Olympus last we saw them.

Outside of that…nah. All doomed.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel learned what the plan was for this, and rushed the whole Kitty/Peter almost-marriage-but-then-not just to screw them over.


I could believe it. As it is, it makes for a really bad symmetry.


Evidently, this kind of stuff just ends up being coincidence a lot of times like when Jason Todd and Bucky were both brought back around the same time. Maybe there’s just something in the water.


It’s pretty standard for a wedding to not go smoothly in superhero comics. Many people were expecting this from the beginning so it’s not too much of a swerve.


Still, for that metric - no one’s done it better than creating a giant rock monster out of thin air to kill off the groom.

God bless the 90’s.


Actually, I wasn’t. Given that Rebirth had already done moves that had previously been deemed off-limits, like a Super-family, I thought they might actually do this.