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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Maybe Batman wants to have freaky sex but feels it should happen within the confines of marriage.


@Tony_Laplume nailed it. It’s played up that they’ve always had a flirtatious relationship regardless of which side of the law they stand. Plus, love makes men do weird things.


The thing I’m not clear on is it Batman marrying Catwoman, not Bruce Wayne marrying Selina Kyle?


It’s all about the freaky sex, Rory.


It’s Batman marrying Bruce Wayne. Selina is just officiating.


I think it’s meant to be unclear at this point. I haven’t checked if they never use their real names in the run but it has been noted they call each other Cat and Bat rather than Selina and Bruce.


Even out in public? :confused:


They aren’t out in public very much. There’s one story where they go to a fair with Clark and Lois but even in that one they swap costumes (Clark looks great in a Catwoman suit).


I just can’t get my head around how this could work. I guess it’s only possibly because Bruce Wayne has zero friends. Otherwise, imagine the conversation down at the golf club.

“So, Bruce, your bride to be… how come none of us have heard of her before?”
“mumble mumble”
“So where did you guys meet?”
“uh… mumble”
“And what does she do?”
“Well… mumble”
“And did you–”


Honestly, Catwoman hasn’t really been a criminal for like… forever. She’s more of an anti-heroine now.


So, no outstanding warrants on her? Good, there’s no moral problem then :slight_smile:


I have no idea…




New Humble Bundle is DC audiobooks



With its “Watch-Read-Connect-Explore-Win-Shop” platform, DC Universe will feature a curated library of DC comic books for your reading pleasure including vintage books that first introduced Superman and Batman. Members will also be able to connect with other DC fans as all as a news source & encyclopedia for everything you need to know in the DC world. It will also feature sweepstakes, contests and exclusive merchandise.

No word on how big the curated library will be, or what will be on it aside from Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27.

Edit: A look at the app:


Ooh, will we finally get digital Ambush Bug?


It’s the question everybody is asking.


Speaking of, who do I lobby to get Keith Giffen his own talk show on the service in the vein of “Inside the Actor’s Studio”?