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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


This is a good idea - I really hope it works


Some thoughts:

  • Wal-Mart exclusive, I wonder what that means for digital stores. (I can guess how comic book shops feel about getting left out of new Bendis and King material).

  • The covers don’t convince me at all, the mash up of all those styles doesn’t feel right.

  • Some ot the issues selected make sense, some not at all as entry points.

  • Price is really nice, I wonder about the paper quality.


Bendis confirmed on his twitter that Nick Derington will be drawing the Batman: Universe story


Damn. I hope they collect the new material somewhere else too. I really don’t want to double dip to read these but a King Superman and Bendis Batman (especially with Derrington) are hard to pass up.

I guess this also signals the end of Doom Patrol. I thought it wasn’t continuing but I didn’t think that had ever been explicitly stated.


I’d be highly surprised if they didn’t. They know that stuff will sell in trade and it seems silly to turn down the revenue.


Palmiotti said they will, but later deleted the tweet:

they said the stories will be collected for retailers to have them, since its only 12 pages of new material in the 100 pages mostly of reprints.


They’ll be collected, everything is eventually, including stuff they promised never would be like the Panel Syndicate books. DC may at best hold the collections off for a while to try and convince fans with a nearby Walmart to buy the books. If they are 12 parts and monthly then you’ll have to wait at least a year.

The 12 page installments looks a lot like their digital first books.


I did wonder if these stories would be released digitally. That wouldn’t undermine the Wal-Mart exclusivity deal too much. Radically different audiences.


Does working on this mean Derington can’t still do Doom Patrol, though? Are the massive delays his fault or Gerard Way’s?


Not sure who’s the cause of this delays. It’s just rare for an artist to be able to do more than one book.


I guess we’ll find out soon enough but it’s a fair point that if he’s sat waiting on scripts then a 12 page a month story could be a decent way to fill the gaps and keep him earning.


Yay, Tom King on a Superman standalone story is something I’ve been clamoring for the last few years. I’m not a big fan of his Batman and I don’t think the ongoing format suits him well, but his Action #1000 short story was absolutely amazing and I genuinely think this could be a new classic. This and Frank Miller’s Superman ease the pain of Millar’s Superman not happening anymore.


Ok, I know the answer to this should be “read the comics”, but you guys have read them so I don’t have to :stuck_out_tongue: So:

How does Bruce reconcile marrying a criminal with his feelings about, well, criminals? Has Selina received a Presidential pardon? Has she already served her prison sentence (that was fast!)? Does she have Mephisto for a lawyer? Or is Bruce (or Jim Gordon, who will presumably be there) going to slap some cuffs on her when she reaches the end of the aisle? None of these options seem at all satisfactory, but the only other option I can think of is that Bruce is turning a blind eye to her multiple outstanding warrants, which would possibly be the worst character decision DC have ever made since Superman snapped Zod’s neck.

But obviously the writers must have addressed it, presumably making his moral dilemma the core of the whole event. So what was their solution?


This is hardly the first time Bruce has fallen in love with a criminal though, is it?

(It’s hardly even the first time he’s fallen in love with Catwoman.)


Batman is a criminal himself. He has no moral high ground here.


My Batman is a duly deputised officer of the law :stuck_out_tongue:


No, but that doesn’t absolve the current writers of the need to tell a logical story.


The gist of it is that King’s Batman realizes he does operate outside the law. He finds Catwoman appealing because she’s redeemable, unlike his psychopath foes. She considers Batman as the person who “catches me when I fall.” In this version of Catwoman she’s a Robin Hood. And King also set up and knocked down a far worse reputation as a mass murderer, which initially caught a lot of fans off guard.


Yeah, but the comics version of Batman isn’t your Batman.