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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Wasn’t there a Clem? And an Otis?


Justice League vs A Bit of Fry & Laurie


The mastermind behind the plot? Is it Darkseid? Brainiac? No it’s Phillip Richards.


Supe-y twist.


Seems to be a clear consensus on Snyder:

It is the view of this thread that he return to and successfully conclude American Vampire.


I really enjoyed his Image series Severed from a few years back.


Knock off Eclipso diamonds!!! That’s great!!


I have Severed in hardcover and have to say I was pretty underwhelmed by it. It along with his Witches series really made me wonder what the big deal with him was.


Yeah, Severed was excellent. It read a bit like an old EC strip. Pretty creepy.

The covers were fantastic as well.


American Vampire + Batman: Black Mirror = why Snyder’s a big deal.


So nothing in the last 5 years then. :thinking:


I think that’s fair. I still like his work, probably more than others, but it’s definitely not as strong as those earlier pieces. Capullo’s art elevated Batman and Metal though.


The Wake and Wytches I enjoyed, as I also did Batman Eternal. The first two were really well received as far as I’m aware.

They are all within the last 5 years.


Oh yeah. Forgot about The Wake. That was awesome.


I was really disappointed with The Wake. The first half of the series was very good but the last half went in a completely different direction that didn’t match the beginning. It was almost as if a sequel series was combined with the original series.

Wytches was good but I have been disappointed with how the sequel has been presented. Four-page chapters in the monthly Image+ catalog. It ruins any kind of tension or flow for the story.


That’s what I loved about the Wake. It was very experimental in how it structured the story. For me the second half kept the excitement as it was something fresh half way through. I can totally see how it’s not for some people though as it’s a very out there thing to do. But it is a comic I keep going back to and reading because the final message is really hard hitting.


An interesting attempt by DC to get a wider audience for its comics.

The format is actually one that has been used for a long time in the UK and elsewhere in Europe - reprints that bundle a few issues together for a (comparatively) decent price. With those they tend to focus on a single series or character rather than the smorgasbord approach here - so you got a few consecutive issues of Amazing Spider-Man or a couple of issues of Batman Hush.

They were pretty good value - I used to read a couple of the UK ones in the early 2000s and I still see a lot around, and I’ve picked up French equivalents in the past too (is Strange still going?).


There’s a few that mix them up now. The newest Marvel Legends has Captain America: Steve Rogers #18, Invincible Iron Man #593 and Generations: The Unworthy Thor and the Mighty Thor #1 and the newest Mighty World of Marvel has Silver Surfer (Slott/Allred) #11, Black Panther (the Hudlin one for some reason) #5, Champions #8 and Strange Tales #120.

I got into Marvel through the X-Men, Spider-Man, and Avengers ones, all of which are still running.


I followed the X-Men through most of the 90s until I left the UK in 2003 using the Panini Editions. Great value for money, basically 3 comics for about 25p more than one US import and you never had any issue following crossovers as they just published them all in sequence for you.

I don’t really know why DC here are adding to their cost base with new material. Maybe they are hoping some regular readers will double dip for them (especially for Bendis on Batman) but personally if I were doing it I wouldn’t bother. It’s a different audience, Panini do so well in selling reprint comics to Brits in supermarkets and newsagents when most major towns have comic shops.


Yeah, they had to stop doing that around the early 2000s, when there started being too many X-Men books for them to keep up. I think they just skipped the Austen run entirely, which is probably for the best.