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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I’d rather see him writing comics again than being involved with the movies. DC film division is a hot mess.


Oh, look @davidm and @DenizCamp. It almost happened. :wink:



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It’s funny, but I heard a rumor JUST yesterday that Johns is trying to gain a stronghold on the LOSH by creating a pitch with Lee for it.

While other people in charge want to use it to ensnare indie talent.


We [me and some other fans] were just recently discussing Simone’s short Legion run and saying how we wished she had been allowed to continue (she was cut short by Waid’s reboot). I would be happy for her to handle a re-launch. It might not be the cutting-edge, fan-favourite creator many might want, but it would be solid storytelling by someone with a great handle on team dynamics, and sometimes that’s enough.


As long as they’re all 12 years old and have fun simple adventures, I’m game.


I do have some sympathy with the arguments for Simone and women in comics.

She writes a very well reviewed series, not a great seller, in Secret Six. Remains on rather obscure titles.

Scott Snyder writes a Vertigo book, not a great seller, gets Detective Comics and then a Batman #1.

Tom King writes a very well reviewed Vertigo book and Omega Men that sells so badly it is kept alive by fan campaign. Gets Batman, DC’s best selling book.

G Willow Wilson gets amazing reviews and sales on Ms Marvel, let’s give the X-Men flagship title to Mark Guggenheim, a comic writer who nobody has been excited about ever.

I’m all for positions on merit and am therefore not always seeing the logic of how this works.


I would guess that Wilson not being given X-men probably had to do with the utter failure of A-Force and her fairly poorly received couple of issue of the X-men she had previously done.



That is one cursed headline.


Yeah like A-Force was a surefire hit and again a ‘womens’ comic. Look at Cullen Bunn’s bibliography, a lot of flops and cancelled books.

I’m not saying she would automatically be great or Simone would but I do sense the female writers being kept in their sections regardless really of how their stuff sells. It’s not a call for affirmative action but rather why did Simone never get a top level title outside of Wonder Woman? On this board I’ve heard much more of her fans among these hairy old blokes than Robert Venditti or Steve Orlando that get to play with those toys.


Oh I agree for the most part. But a-force was supposed to be a big deal, had a big push behind it and flopped badly so I at least can see why they might be gun shy with Wilson (whether or not it is actually justified). Personally I’d be more interested in her writing Spider-Man than Spencer.


Marvel messed up the launch of A-Force though, with it being a Secret Wars mini-series, then trying to keep it going after, when none of the characters remembered what happened in the mini.

Wilson was also only solo writer on one issue of A-Force; Marguerite Bennett co-wrote the mini, and Kelly Thompson wrote most of the ongoing, with Wilson off by #4.


It was still sold primarily on her name and it didn’t attract the readership they were expecting because of Ms Marvel.


The original mini-series sold pretty well: ICV2 says it was steady at around 50,000 an issue for #3-5, but the confused attempt to relaunch it as an ongoing completely failed.

#2 of the ongoing had only 35,000 sales, and it was down to almost 25,000 by #4, when Wilson left.


Johns is who I’d want to do it. Preferably not with Lee though, I don’t think he’s the right artist for that book, and he won’t manage 12 issues a year.

I loved what Johns did with The Lightning Saga and Superman and the Legion of Superheros stuff, I was expecting to see him launch a new series out of that.

Johns on Shazam and LOSH for a few years would make me very happy indeed.


My personal theory is that Earth Man is behind most of the plot to Doomsday Clock.


If Johns writes Shazam, I am all the way in.



Simone has been criminally underused and underrated at DC. Her Secret Six and Villains United stuff was amoung the best stuff that DC have published in the past 20 years or so.

I hated how both Simone and a lot of the really brilliant artists such as Eaglesham me Calafiore were not immediately deployed onto other books when it was so obvious they were doing a tremendous job.

Willow Wilson is a weird one, I like her Ms Marvel but I did find it really inconsistent. They seemed to give her the next step with A-Force which didn’t do so well (and didn’t read that well either) and then it looks like she’s been brought down a tier again.

All the while they are giving guys like Bunn half a dozen books a month to phone in. I don’t mean to speak badly of the guy but it’s bizarre how some writers get so much work at Marvel when they’ve never written anything particularly great, whereas others struggle.


Although reading your post again, I think to be fair to DC they had to do something to keep get him exclusive and he was probably the most buzzworthy name in mainstream comics at the time, particularly after Vision - similar to Snyder whose Batman sold brilliantly, they’ve made the right choice in both counts there with those two. It’s kept Batman at the top of the charts for years.