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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


When you’ve finished eating your rats, soldier.


I don’t think I’ll see it thru. Other titles sound interesting, but everything that comes from Zoe Quinn, is not worth of my time, considering her actions in video game industry.


Well, first time in paperback - they issued as the Knightfall Omnibus II: Knightsquest earlier in the year.


It’s not a great story, to be honest. Important, maybe, but quite ludicrous and even worse, boring. I was disappointed with it at the time, and doubt the years have been kind to it.


It’s “how Bruce Wayne got his legs back because we couldn’t possible cripple him permanently like Barbara Gordon”.


What’s the story there?


I need to reread it, I remember liking the story with the english hero The Hood mostly.


I am loving Man of Steel. One of the most genuinely likeable and insightful takes on Superman since Morrison, with a sprawling supporting cast of distinct voices and intersecting plot threads that gives everyone a motivation and something to do.

I’m genuinely shocked at how good and heartfelt it is.


I think I would be enjoying Man of Steel more if it were a closed off and self-contained mini, rather than something that was seeding plot threads for the foreseeable future.


She made a computer game about depression, and has been the victim of years of harassment as a result.


That was the best of the three mini- arcs.


I actually prefer it this way. There’s a richness available in an ongoing series that simply isn’t in a mini. In continuity minis with iconic characters tend to be more predictable than ongoings.

May as well use the delivery system if its available to you, I say.


I see that, but what I was more meaning was that the plot threads as they are, aren’t really interesting to me in a long run view of things. They’re the sort that kinda feel like they’d be okay in a short story rather than being set-up for an entire status quo shake-up.

If this were a mini, I’d be more into it, but as a foundation…I’m finding those lackluster plot threads a detraction.


I wouldn’t quite call sleeping with men to advance your position harassment. She slept with them only to make a commercial out of it.


She slept with one game journalist, who was her boyfriend at the time, and it didn’t advance her career because he didn’t write about her while they were together. In response to the writings of a bitter ex she was then doxxed and threatened with rape and murder. That definitely sounds like harassment.


Who, it should be noted later confirmed that Nathan Grayson didn’t write about Depression Quest while he and Quinn were sleeping together


I am genuinely surprised by it. Who could have guessed Bendis would actually be a… great Superman writer? Superman has a sense of humor that I felt has been missing for the most part on the character in a very long time, but not coming in a “smart-ass” kind of way like Tony Stark or Peter Parker. He’s not condescencing in any way but actually shows care and concern for what the criminals are doing with their lives.

Now if we can get Tom King to do a Black Label self-contained story with the character…


More changes at DC:

On the publishing side, Johns will write and curate a DC pop-up label under the moniker The Killing Zone, focusing on new and lesser known or dormant DC characters and titles. He will also write a new Shazam comic series scheduled to hit this fall as well as a comic titled Three Jokers, drawn by Jason Fabok. The latter was a project sidelined as Johns’ time was taken up by executive and screen commitments.


Fantastic news


Can’t believe that Johns’ Shazam is finally coming.