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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Maybe they changed it to remove Snyder’s name from it? =P


Dear DC Talent Team,

In the last nine years, DC has become the premiere destination for top creative talent and a company that develops and fosters new talent. I am incredibly proud of this achievement and know that DC is set up for a very bright future.

As you will be hearing, I have made the extremely tough decision to not return to DC. One of my fondest memories will be working to create a talent-friendly company that ensured top writers and artists wanted to work at DC, and cultivating an environment that allowed creative talent to do their very best work.

DC is a different company with a different culture than when I joined nearly a decade ago. Rebuilding and managing DC Entertainment has been a highlight and a privilege. I am proud to leave DC stronger than when I joined it.

I will miss you all greatly, but please know that I am still in the wings cheering you on to tell the very best stories with the very best characters in the world. I am leaving you in excellent hands with the executive team that is still there to support you and the company’s vision.

You are the creative cornerstone of the company, and I could not care more or wish for more success from this wildly talented pool of creators.

Please keep in touch.





I am so excited for Border Town and Second Coming.
It’s like someone at DC has my wishlist.


Hex Wives is an utterly brilliant title. It’s so good you have to wonder if it came first and then idea for the comic.

Border Town sounds like fun, though it also feels a bit like an idea that would work better as a miniseries for some reason (actually a bunch of these feel that way).


They’re probably all stealth minis/maxis. We all know miniseries is a no-no word.


It is kind of coming back. In the last 6 months publishers seem more willing to announce a mini series. It has been forbidden for a couple of years.


Nope. Not feeling it. Pass. All of these are destined to crash & burn. With the possible exception of American Carnage (very Scalped) and Second Coming (a little bit Preacher).


I’ll probably try the first issue of all of these, but I get the feeling these are destined to tank.

Second Coming sounds excellent and Mark Russell is a immediate buy for me, but neither the names or the concepts of the other books seem destined to shift books from shelves, although I do like the concept and cover art for Hex Wives and the Bryan Hill book sounds good, despite sounding very similar to

Big problem here is that the last relaunch produced some really great books in Unfollow, Twilight Children, Clean Room, Jacked, Survivors Club with talent like Gail Simone, Lauren Beaukes, Rob Williams, Jon Davis-Hunt, Gabriel Hernandez, Mike Dowling, John Higgins and Eric Kripke involved - and they all got wrapped up early apart from the two mini series - neither of which sold that, despite being incredible.

I can’t see how this next line with lesser talent is going to find an audience, although I hope it does.


DC are just throwing stuff out there to see what sticks. Very little will - “socially relevant” doesn’t work, see Marvel’s woes these last few years.

But, DC have a deep bench of dependable writing talent these days. People who can sell books on their own. Why are they not using these folks? Why do they keep putting out books by complete no or little known names, hoping that a miracle will happen? It’s not going to.

You need a hook to bring people back. A few big attention grabbing books to make the brand meaningful again.

Here’s a few ideas for free:

Where’s American Vampire: Final Cycle or whatever the heck it’s going to be called?

Where’s the Hellblazer: Rebirth book, now that the DCU version is being put to rest? Mike Carey doesn’t have much on his plate at the moment.

Where’s the James Tynion ongoing?

Where’s the Jeff Lemire original?

Pete Tomasi on a Vertigo Animal Man?

Tom King’s Swamp Thing special went down really well. Why not bring him back? I know he’s in JLD, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a solo book on the side; WW does too.

Bendis? I know he has his own imprint, but if they want some heat on Vertigo, get him to do a mini or two here as well.

Get Willingham back for a Fables mini - not Sturges (no one cares); Bill himself. He was going to do a new series with Kitson a few years ago; nothing came of that, so re-purpose it here.


Yes. I mean they’re putting out an Omnibus of the first five books. Just finish the bloody thing and they can make loads flogging it!


That’s mainly because Marvel’s socially relevant stuff is pretty crap.
Border Town sounds leagues above the basically racist “America” series.


Hex Wives, Goddess Mode, High Level, Safe Sex and Second Coming seem like interesting concepts. I’ll definitely check out the first trade of each.

I do think the days of 50+ issues of a Vertigo series are over though. So I’m hoping these are all mini/maxi series.


Border Town reminds me a bit of another series that started indie and then got picked up by a bigger publisher (though of course now I’m blanking on the name of it).


I’m the same as you. Nothing is really grabbing me. American Carnage is the most appealing to me but not enough to try it.


Love this cover by Jim Lee.


But ASBAR when?


When doves cry.


Forgot to comment, saw last week some new listings on Amazon for new editions of the Knightfall saga… but the real news is that DC will be collecting for the first time Knightquest The Search in one of them: