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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


There shouldn’t be much of anything you need to have read. Bendis is changing the status quo of where the book has been. Maybe Action Comics #1000 and DC Nation #0 but I think those were more previews and doubt they’re integral.

That being said Tomasi and Gleason’s run on Superman was President great and I highly recommend it.


I believe the status quo change is the Kents (Clark, Lois and Jon) moved from Hamilton to the big city of Metropolis.
Lois doesn’t work for the Planet anymore for reasons yet unexplained.


DC doesn’t have that much of a history now, anyway. New 52 wiped away pretty much everything and even though Superman got a lot of his previous continuity restored, the only thing you need to know is that he’s married with Lois and has a son.


Birthright is my perfect Superman. That would be the perfect movie, even if they take the Lex on Smallville parts which I don’t think are really necessary. Mark Waid writes a perfect Supes IMO, relatable and charismatic yet larger than life, he should have been given the chance to have a full run on the character or at the very least a Birthright sequel with Brainiac or something.


There were elements of Birthright in Man of Steel, weren’t there? I forget the specifics but I remember noticing some bits.


The “S is for Hope” bit is from Birthright.


They loosely adapted the idea of Clark being on a journey before becoming Superman, only that Birthright Clark traveled the world, and MOS Clark only America.


Thanks all!

Figured this was as good a time as any for one of my periodic re-engagements with DC.


Canada and the Russian parts of the Bering Sea are NOT America!

We do, however, have a bid in for when they go on sale.


Dang, I completely forgot. Been a long time since I watched the movie.


I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but Bendis may be an actually good Superman writer. That first issue was a damn solid start.


It was really good, right? Bendis does really well on single-character titles with good supporting casts. His weaknesses are events and team books.

Him on a Green Arrow would be awesome.


I thought it had some good moments, but then it just seemed like a lot of “gimme” moments just strung together.

And the whole “fire is fire” mantra is pretty trite, especially when repeated.



That’s an odd turnaround. He made his reputation with “Disassembled,” House of M, New AvengersUltimate Spider-Man got him noticed, and obviously he spent…all his time at Marvel working on it, but it’s that early team stuff that made him a star, beyond any doubt.


Ultimate Spider-man and Daredevil made him a star.

EDIT: Alias too.


Alias…Yes, I get that they were hugely respected, but he became a full-blown commodity working on Avengers comics, which is also something, like Ultimate Spider-Man, he spent a huge amount of time doing, and receiving a lot more attention for.


He was already been a full-blown commodity by the time he started on Avengers. He had been writing Ultimate Spider-man, Daredevil and Alias, which all received huge acclaim, for 3 years at that point and had just finished his run on Ultimate X-men and Ultimate Fantastic Four a couple months earlier. He was announced as a “name” writer taking over the Avengers and revitalizing it when he did Disassembled.


Okay, let me illustrate it a different way: People started talking about stories rather than the quality of his writing. I mean, I certainly remember that his Spider-Man origin was his first and arguably still most famous decompressed story, but he did “Disassembled” and people talked about that. It was a huge, huge deal. No moment in comics from this time was bigger than the simple phrase, “No more mutants.” And he ended up reviving the popularity of the Avengers by bringing in the most popular characters, totally changing the concept (into more of a Justice League vibe), and that’s where the Luke Cage we know today came from, the Luke Cage who now has his own TV show, just like Jessica Jones. He was a total game-changer. And right around when he set about making Star-Lord a household name, he stopped being known as the team guy, and he dropped dramatically in popularity and impact. He was specifically hired to do for the X-Men what he’d done for the Avengers, but that didn’t happen.


And they talked about him revealing Daredevils identity and killing Kingpin before that.

Star Lord was made a household name by the movie, he didn’t start writing the comic until after that. He known as not a team writer by the end of his Avengers run.