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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Oh, there’s bound to be an element of that. It’s Frank Miller. :slight_smile:


As an addendum to the above post I realize “Smallville dad” is nostalgic and hopeful but the best arcs in the run were all fairly dark.

Also there is a big Comixology sale in DC trades this weekend so people can get about two thirds of this run (or something like Detective Comics) for under a buck an issue right now.


I’d prefer not to talk about that as it’s never, ever going to happen anymore.


You need to read American Alien, if you haven’t. Tons of unpacking in it. Great stuff.


I have, it’s very good. I should have mentioned that.


I actually meant to mention this the other day - there’s some fantastic books in that sale

I’ve went back and bought a bunch of 90s and early 2000s Batman stuff I didn’t fully finish at the time


I just purchased, and will read for the first time

Superman: Red Son and Millar/Quitely’s Authority.


Don’t want to guess your reaction to Authority (see what I did there?) but I bet you’re going to love some Red Son!


You’re in for quite a time.


Hopefully by the end of the summer I’m planning a big early-00s re-read of my favorite books from that era, and I’m sprinkling in some that I will be reading for the first time, either that I have never read, such as those, or that I dropped early on, such as Planetary and Ennis’ Punisher.


Ensure you look at his Max run too.


That one I think I have read. Does it begin and end with him being thrown off the Empire State Building?


That sounds more like Marvel Knights.

The Max run is far more bleakly brilliant.

Both are great, but very distinct.


That’s what I’ve read then, the Marvel Knights. The Max one is in the queue.

I’m not a terribly big fan of either Ennis or the Punisher, but there is some pretty good storytelling in there.


The Max run is my second favourite Ennis comic of all time, and one of my favourite all time runs. It’s a brilliant book.

Planetary is phenomenal as well :+1:t3:


I remember wanting to check out the Max run when I first got an Unlimited account but they were slow to upload the issues, and pretty choppy with it. I think there was a hesitance to put mature-rated books on Unlimited for a while.


Be sure to read the one-shots, including The End.

My favorite MAX arc is The Slavers.


If I pick up Bendis’ Man of Steel, what do I need to know about the current status quo before I do?

(The first issue promo mentions “what’s happened to his wife and son” - is this something that’s already happened, or is this a new plot point for MoS?)

Will I be able to read MoS as a stand-alone?



From everything I’ve heard, the Man of Steel series a complete fresh start and new status quo.

I’m going to pick it up without having read any Superman books in the past year or so (aside from Super Sons).


If it is to continue in the same vein as Rebirth, then I’d expect it’ll continue to use all the history DC’s characters have to its advantage, without being confusing for new readers. It’s a hard trick to pull off but DC have been doing it for the last two years and I see no reason why they’d stop.