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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Holy shit! That’s Lucifer added to the pull list. The Fiumara Brothers are awesome!

Ah, who am I kidding. I’ll give all of them a go. I like Spurrier, and I’ve got a nostalgic soft spot for Timothy Hunter from way back when.

It would be rude not to get House of Whispers too.


They absolutely are, great to see them on a book like this.




I think he’d already done 4 Eyes at the time, but I always remember Max Fiamura making an immersion on me in Pete Milligans short Infinity inc series.

Which I really liked but possibility the only person who did :joy:


I’m not familiar with their art, but it looks good in those preview pages. Between this and the Black Label, DC definitely has my attention.


I know them from various Mignolaverse books, which is where they got their big break, those and the Four Eyes minis.


DC Comics is launching a Adventures of the Super Sons 12-issue maxiseries this August. Announced by DC Entertainment’s Director of Publicity Michael Shelling on his personal Twitter account, Adventures of the Super Sons will be written by Peter Tomasi - who wrote the “Rebirth” era Super Sons series that is set to end May 30 with issue #16.


Maybe that’ll finally give Tomasi the DC evergreen he’s been earning, a big standalone story anyone can easily point to.


Cancelled in May, relaunched in August?

Is that just a clever way of hiding the fact that they’re shipping the next issue two months late? :wink:


The same thing happened with Cyborg.

I expect the same thing to happen a third time with New Super-Man.


Another cancelled book being revived.



The Solicitations for August 2018 thread.

Solicitations for August 2018 (w/ Previews Text)

I’ll support the Black Label line and I’ll check Miller’s Superman but I’m not sure about telling the origin yet again. He must not be aware that the origin has been redone like 5 or 6 times in the last 30 years. I hope he jumps quickly into the Superman action like he did in Batman: Year One because I want to see a proper Superman adventure by Miller.

I’m dissapointed that there’s only one Superman story. I love Batman but I’m tired of him being always the center of attention. There’s always plenty of Batman material. Sadly it seems there’s not much people is interested in writing Superman nowadays and I don’t think there’s a lot of people who can write the kind of Superman story I’m looking for either. Something big and mythic and full of heart and emotion. Mark Waid would be a dream come true but he told me on his Facebook that there’s little chance for it to happen. At least under the current DC regime, I guess.


I think Superman is a difficult character to write for, due to the very nature of the character and there being 75 years worth of material.

Morrison did a great job of distilling that into All Star, which is still the definitive take for me.

However, Batman can be done in a lot of different ways and it keeps things interesting - the moment anyone tries to do something different with Superman the fan base whines like fuck - look at Grounded for example and also the proposal by a writer (it may have been Seagel, or Robinson) to do a Superman story where Superman has lost his leg.

He seems to be a character that there’s not much flex permitted with, and with him being so powerful it must be difficult to think up threats big enough that are not just a rehash of what we have seen a lot of already.

Not impossible of course, and it sounds like Millar would be the ideal choice to do something for the new line of standalone books.

The Thomasi/Gleason and Jurgens runs that have just ended were a lot of fun for the most part though. I’m glad we got those.


I think that is true. It struck me the other day reading Action 1000 that there’s really one way to present Superman that they all did to a degree, with that kind of nostalgic hopefulness. Which I can enjoy but actually is starting to wear thin a little.

Saying that with the Black Label line they could go more into straight Elseworlds stuff which is more readily accepted.


I think Miller and JR jr are the ideal people to refine and refresh Superman’s origin, especially after what they did on the similarly-conceived Man Without Fear Daredevil series so many years back (which I still think is hugely underrated).

I don’t really expect them to violate continuity in any drastic way, but the freedom from ‘canon’ should allow them more flexibility to do exactly what they want. I’m hoping that Miller’s traditionally direct, bold and dynamic storytelling style and JR jr’s similarly bold art will make this story really move, in a way that isn’t true of all retellings of the origin.

There have been lots of takes on the Superman origin, even recently* but I still think we’re waiting for the definitive modern version. There’s stuff to like in all of them, but it feels like there is room for another new take.

(*Waid and Yu’s version in Birthright was very good, but that was 15 years ago now - and even the Johns/Frank Secret Origin one is almost ten years old. Morrison’s new take in the New 52 didn’t completely work for me, and neither did JMS’ Earth One version. I like Superman For All Seasons a lot, which has lots of origin elements, but that’s 20 years old now, so it’s probably stretching the definition of modern. All-Star Superman is great for what it is, but the origin is just one four-panel page. There’s a lot more to unpack there.)


I have high hopes that Bendis can reframe the character in a way that will make a lot of people excited. So far the teasers and previews have been more Clark focused than Superman so we’ll see what he does there.


I heard from him that one of the books (I can’t remember which) when he passes the mini series and takes over the ongoings will be focused on the ‘truth’ aspect of truth, justice etc. He sees that as being Clark at the Daily Planet.

I was quite hopeful hearing that take but I have to be honest from the previews it seemed very much like a Denny O’Neil 1970s story. Probably the type he read when he was a kid. It would please David Meadows of course but it strikes me as still a part of the problem Chris mentions that really you aren’t allowed to do anything new with Superman, it has to have that level of reverence at all times.

I kind of hope Miller sticks the middle finger to all that even if it annoys most poeple.


To some extent I don’t think that’s a fair criticism. The last run framed him as a father in Smallville and people loved it.

I think the issue is more that people are very particular with the character but don’t know what they want until they see it.

And also that the character is iconic but not as popular as people think.