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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Yeah I have plenty of misgivings about it but the reason I have carried on is the craft. The level of detail and effort Johns and Frank put into it is far above most comics out today. I would rather really they put that same effort into a new idea rather than a cover version but there you go.


I do get the feeling that this was a story that Johns wanted to tell and not something was thrust on him. It seems like he used his influence a bit to maneuver things in place to allow him to tell it.


Yeah I agree, more than anything he’s at a level in the company now he can call those shots but having read a lot of his Green Lantern stuff it’s really quite throwaway compared to this. I think unlike many creators in the 90s he knows the real strength of Watchmen is in the craft of it all and not the ‘grim and gritty’ aspect.

It just seems a shame that in truth that same level could be applied to a Shazam book from Johns and Frank.


But we also don’t know if there are/were any circumstances beyond the creators’ control that caused the delay. Like sickness, death in the family, etc. We don’t always get the behind the scenes reasons.

Besides, like @ChrisS and @garjones stated, Franks’ work is incredible. Delays suck but the level of detail he puts into each issue can’t be denied. I’d rather they get the story right than just stick a fill in artist on it.


If anything, it’s an argument towards waiting until a comic is complete before publishing, like the 2000AD guys do. Work can be comissioned, written, drawn, and lettered and then sit in the queue for up to a year before making it to presses. With a handful of exceptions, it means that the art remains constant inside individual stories. It means that the publisher wait longer for their return on the commisisoned work, but in the case of the big names, they should be able to alleviate that via proper financial planning.


The thing is… I keep having the feeling we have seen a lot of this story already.

The whole “Your presence in my reality is corrupting it” was what Superman from Earth-2 & Superboy Prime keep hammering about in Infinite Crisis, the Comedian bit seems to be taken directly from the original Hourman in JSA, etc.


It is very true that 2000ad stockpile work up to a year in advance and they have far fewer resources than Marvel and DC. It hasn’t worked completely perfectly with Jupiter’s Legacy because of personal issues but Mark also, without all those cash reserves, stockpiles work, we know as we’ve seen previews of things like the current Hit-Girl pencilled up to issue 6 before it’s even solicited at Diamond.


Funny you mention Weston. He was involved in a Watchmen-style comic, too, The Twelve, that got hugely delayed in its final issues. But I’m not sure he was the reason. Or if he was, it was odd for him to release a one-shot where he drew and wrote the thing.


I think that instance it was JMS that was the problem.

I just think that Weston’s output is quite rare and I think this is down to his style. His art is fantastic.


Again we note the Wisdom of the Millar in stockpiling tales before publication scheduling. Or during. Or however. It works better.

Not sure the traditional model of creation and publication of comics (and some other stuff) shouldn’t be completely re-examined. I think the most basic problem is combining artistic creative processes with capitalistic business demands and cubed by forcing artistic folks to also function in Real Life.

So, I watch what Millar is up to. He seems to have a handle on some stuff.


Re: Doomsday Clock delays

I don’t care - I read trades.


I read monthly and I don’t really care. As I’ve said delays only really bother me if they seem to go on forever and you lose some hope it’ll ever be finished. I get 9 issues of Saga a year and the Staples art remains fantastic, perfectly fine. If it’s 7 or 8 no real worries.

I’d much rather Frank does what he’s doing now every two months or so than rush out some tat. To be honest it’s most of the reason I am reading it, the Johns story fluctuates from being great to just daft but the artwork is top notch in every way.


I agree with Gar.

Waiting for All-Star Batman & Robin to return is going to be all the sweeter.


Yes, it’s nice to have something to look forward to in your old age.


It’s either that or the war.


Frank Miller can return to do a new, even more batcrap crazy take as Kratos takes up the mantle of the Dark Knight.

Will Dick Grayson ever be referred to as anything more than… “Boy!!!”

Changing tack, DC look to be heading back to their bad old ways on the upcoming Metal hardbacks. The term ‘deluxe’ is being used, but the dimensions do not appear to be those of an OHC edition - anyone know for sure for these ones?

Dark Days: The Road To Metal
Metal: The Deluxe Edition
Metal: The Nightmare Batmen


He still owns some great characters. When I first read Deadpool, it reminded me quite a bit of his old Charlton comics strip (in E-Man, I think) KILLJOY.

I still love the concept of a vigilante who spoils the plans of supervillains that think they have a right to commit crimes. I wish he’d let someone else bring him back, though.


Yeah, but it seems like everything Ditko has done for the past four decades is like a Ayn Rand Chick Tract. The first couple you pick up are good for a laugh, but they soon become unreadable.



I just read a Wonder Woman issue that took me seven minutes to finish.

I know that equating price to minutes of entertainment is a spurious argument, and quality of enjoyment should be more important that length of enjoyment.

But, holy moley. Seven minutes.

Is unreasonable to ask for a story with a bit more substance to it than that? Or art with enough depth that it holds my attention for more than the couple of seconds it takes to scan the panel?