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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


February. :smile:

He seems to run all his stuff through Kickstarter with Robin Snyder these days. Here’s his latest one that closed at the start of this month.



Just read Immortal Men 1. I say read but in all honesty it was a real struggle to get through without skipping some. What a stinker. Tynion channels the essence of 90’s Claremont which is unfortunate as that era of his work was turd.

Now if he’s doing a parody book that’s okay but I think this is an honest attempt at writing good captions and dialogue. Fail. There are convoluted plots points, random boring characters and no real intrigue to bring readers back for more. I was thinking about checking out his Detective run but if this is supposed to be a good example of his work I won’t bother.


You are maybe better giving it a miss Bobby


It’s not. Detective is much better. But, you still won’t like it :wink: And, I’m sure you’ve read (and didn’t like) vol 1 of ‘Tec previously.


You’re right, I did read it but I can’t remember if I disliked it or thought it was just okay. I’m always happy to be proven wrong, well, not happy but you know what i mean, and I’m not grumpy on purpose so might give it another go.


I have not liked anything else Tynion has written and I’m not even a big fan of the extended Batverse, but I think his Detective Comics run is brilliant, the best team book I’ve read in quite some time.


That’s ‘cos You Da Man, Robert :sunglasses:


From the article (the article preview has a mistake, it should be August instead of July)

Doomsday Clock #5 originally was set to go on sale May 23, but the DC website now states it will arrive on June 20. Consequently, the release of Issue 6 has shifted from July 18 to Aug. 29.


Long delays between issues are just another part of the Watchmen tribute, of course.


Everything normal at DC (???)

Updated May 2, 2018: Following Newsarama’s earlier report (see below), DC Comics’s Doomsday Clock #5 has been rescheduled a third time, now set for May 30 - only week later than its originally-solicited release date, but four weeks earlier than the publisher listed Tuesday.
“Gary and I are working diligently to deliver a thought-provoking and beautifully drawn series that’s unlike anything else on the shelves today,” Johns said in a statement. “It’s incredibly important to us to keep up the quality of Doomsday Clock, but also to deliver it on the bimonthly schedule and we intend to keep our word. Issue #5 will begin the countdown for the DC Universe as the worlds of the Watchmen and DC collide full-on. Expect to see characters known and obscure step into the spotlight. And the strangest team-up you’ve ever seen.”

Included with Johns’ quote are two uncolored, unlettered pages from #5 by Gary Frank.

With this, DC have updated their website from Tuesday, changing Doomsday Clock #5’s listed shipping date from June 28 to May 30.

Although Johns stressed that the series would be delivered on “the bimonthly schedule,” DC’s website still reflects an August 29 release for Doomsday Clock #6 - three months after #5’s revised date.


Cool, because they didn’t have two years to get their shit together, or anything…


To be fair, Gary Frank’s art is meticulous and incredibly detailed.

Most artists who have that style of detailed line work are slow; Bolland & Weston being the two obvious examples.

Not only that, the number of panels and the detail of the particular layout of the book will be extremely time consuming for the artist.

I think he can be cut some slack given the standard of the work he’s putting out, on which is probably the best drawn book in mainstream comics for years.


I was under the impression they’d been working on it a while now and had quite a few issues in the bag? I guess not.

Will the delays impact the rest of the line? It was due to tie into regular continuity with the release of #12, wasn’t it?


I agree Chris, the standard of work is amazing. Meticulous is the word.

Saying that DC should really have seen this coming. Frank hasn’t done a monthly book for around 20 years (when he had a less detailed style) and they are oversized at 28 pages and he draws some of the back matter. They should have gone with bi-monthly from the start or just stockpiled until most of it was done.


I agree, I have no complains about Frank’s work, it is one of the things I really enjoy about this series.

The problem is more about editorial management, and if this book is really central to the DCU, it is going to create problems along the line.

For example, I guess anything related to bringing back the Legion or the JSA will have to wait.


It seems there have been some sliding plans at DC since Bendis came on board. I wonder if it’s not going to have the impact originally planned.


I hadn’t thought of that. You’re probably right, he probably wouldn’t want to come on board and be bound by that.


I mentioned before that I don’t think the delays in Doomsday Clock will matter that much. Especially with double shipping I heard an interview with Rob Williams a couple of months back and he was working on an issue of Suicide Squad that would be many many months ahead of the last DoomClock issue even if they had stuck to the exact 12 month schedule.

That lead time means I don’t envisage some of the issues Marvel has had with revealing plots before the main the main book is out.

On a more spoilery note I really hope they don’t go down the road the comic is currently showing of hatred and protests against the heroes, that’s the X-Men’s thing, in DC it would be a pale copy and pointless as a status quo.


I think he was just one catalyst. It seems that plans have changed quite a bit regarding the aftermath of Metal. The new hero launch books are kind of fading away and the whole No Justice thing was supposedly not in the original plan. It also seems that they’ve moved on from a lot of the stuff that launched Rebirth. So I assume there might be some similar changes made to what was planned after Doomsday Clock.

I’m honestly OK with that and seems that DC is trying to figure out what works instead of sticking to some 5 year plan that becomes more and more irrelevant to what people are enjoying. Case in point, I think they thought people would be most into the whole connected aspect of Rebirth but I think what people ended up being into was just good stories that didn’t necessarily have to tie into some larger narrative.

It also sounds like the people who are enjoying Doomsday Clock are enjoying it on its own merit and not what it will do to the larger DCU. I know I originally picked it up for the later and bailed because I wasn’t into the former. :wink: