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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Wow, could DC make any more money out of this at this point? There are times when DC make Marvel look like commercial amateurs:

Advance solicit o On sale October 2018 o 230 pg. FC, 12" x 17"
$150.00 US

J.H. Williams III shows off his artistic range and skills in the pages of the new Gallery Edition of THE?SANDMAN:?OVERTURE, written by Neil Gaiman. Williams’ original art for the entire book has been meticulously scanned at high resolution for its presentation in this large-format, Smythe-sewn hardcover edition. The numerous double-page spreads are displayed as never before with minimal gutter interference, thanks to the lie-flat feature of these books. Though Williams’ art will be shown without lettering, this book will also include scaled-down reproductions of the final lettered and colored pages for those who wish to read the story.

Graphitti Designs’ Gallery Editions replicate the look, feel and attitude of the original artwork. Every page is reproduced at full board size on heavy paper stock to provide fans and collectors with museum-quality reproductions that are unobtainable from any other source.

Williams’ original art for this book is a joy to behold. Numerous art styles and techniques ranging from pen and ink to gray tonal washes to full-color paintings are on display for the first time in all their varied glory.


That’s really tempting.


Sandman: Overture - Absolute RRP $125

Sandman: Overture - Gallery Edition RRP $150

Tempting yeah, but they’ll kill your wallet good.


I’ve already decided against double-dipping and getting the Absolute, same as I did(n’t) with Absolute Death. Seeing JHW3’s original art is something else though.


The ultraviolet spectrum makes you ultraviolent… ??? :rofl::joy::rofl:


It gives me really bad sunburns which makes me pretty angry and predisposed to violence. :wink:



I think I made it to very spoilery part of that interview. So I’ll pick it up later. Very good so far though.


I wasn’t planning on picking up Bendis’ Superman books, but I must admit that the excitement is getting to me.

The solicits for Action Comics #1001, with Pat Gleason, look amazing. And, whilst I’m not a fan of Ivan Reis, he is a great artist and I think will suit the book well. Shame about Terrifics though, eh?

Bendis himself seems genuinely excited to be here, which will hopefully mean great things. His recent work at Marvel was the most entertaining it has been in a while.

And, finally, monthly shipping only means two books a month. Easier to keep up with.


I agree. It was a real return to form. Pretty much all his stuff before he left was pretty great.


It’s going to be weird. Last week was the first time since Rebirth started that I haven’t had at least one DC book (usually at least one Superman family book) every week (except for maybe 5th weeks).

It is odd that so many books that I pick up stacked up this week too. It was 3 books from the Superman family alone.

I’m really looking forward to what Bendis does with the Man of Steel.


WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Action Comics #1000




Action Comics #500 was the one that got me to be a regular collector and Superman fan.


What Gerads has to say about his and King’s book is as interesting as watching him draw.


I saw hints from Twitter that Jose Luis Garcia Lopez has some Batman work coming up. His work on Action #1000 was great. His promotional work means we’ve seen too few interior pages from him.

Checked Wiki to see he’s only 70 which is a good 6 years younger than Neal Adams.

On a bit of a tangent British artist John M Burns still does very regular amazing work, line and watercolours for 2000ad at the age of 80. It looks this good:

Steve Ditko is 90 and still heads to his office but I’m not sure when his last public work was.


He’s got a story with Brian Michael Bendis coming up next week with DC’s promo book, DC Nation #0. I met him a couple years ago at C2E2 and he was very pleasant even though his English wasn’t perfect.