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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Marvel is also a DC character.


If Yellow is Fear, Green is Willpower and Orange is avarice, sure, the major energies of the universe can be Mystery, Wonder, Wisdom and Entropy.


But (Johnny) DC will be reborn after Metal, surely.


Johnny Thunder was not in the Metal Men!



I get a “this video is not available” on that. Is it a regional thing? I’m sure I’ve watched other Syfy Wire videos before.



Writer/artist Joelle Jones and colorist Laura Allred will launch a new Catwoman ongoing series, DC has announced at Chicago’s C2E2 convention. Catwoman #1 launches July 4, the same day Batman #50 is due out on shelves.

In the series, Selina Kyle learns that a new criminal Catwoman is operating in Gotham and sets out to stop her.


I feel like I’ve read the Selina taking down another Catwoman story a couple times before. But I love Joelle Joness artwork, so this is a buy for me.




Action Comics is on sale at ComiXology. Jurgens run is getting favourable reviews here. How does it compare to Tomasi & Gleason’s Superman? How would you explain the difference in tone between the two?


Jurgens’ run is good but doesn’t compare to Tomasi and Gleason’s. It reads like an updated take on his 90’s Superman material complete with A, B, C and D plot structure. I liked it especially the early stuff with Super-Lex. It’s worth a read but will pale in comparison to its sister book.


Jurgens run is very old school, great big arcs that feel like they really matter in the cannon of the superman ‘world’. I thought it was great, just a perefect wave of nostalgia with loads going on. There was only 1 arc that I wasn’t really enamoured with. It touches on a lot of the Rebirth mythology as well, like Mr Oz.

Compared to gleasons which is a more whimsical take, with a lot of shorter arcs and done in ones, and feels more standalone. He also focuses a lot more on Jon.



Interesting article on DC comics new approach in this review of the Earth One Green Lantern GN:


I was initially excited about the hard sci-fi bent of this book but that was dampened after reading the first volume of Invisible Republic. This article really sparked my interest again though.


I like the Earth One GN’s. I think there is a middle ground between the E1 and All Star comics to provide a framework for future DC movies too in somewhat the same way Marvel used The Ultimates to sell the characters and stories as “cinematic”.


Funnily enough, I actually think of the Earth One universe as almost a “DC Cinematic Universe”.


I think it’s a pity the people making the films don’t.


That title is pretty much one for super tradewaiting. I think it’s fantastic, but it’s a slow burner, even when read in 5 issu chunks.