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Maybe I’m cofused. The article I posted (and Don reposted) says this.

In No Justice, the heroes and villains who are trying to save the universe from Brainiac will split into various teams that are made up of unlikely teammates.

“What happens is that Brainiac comes down - spoiler - and he takes the teams down and says, ‘What happens at the end of Metal, what you did at the end of Metal, opened up the universe to threats you don’t even understand. And my planet Colu, this ancient myth they have about this thing coming back, you need to come help me with it right now.’”



Is he, though?


It’s all he is at this point.

Which is a shame.




I am confused about that as well. Considering some of the grammar mistakes I saw in a couple of follow on articles, I get the impression proof reading isn’t always a prerequisite before publishing on that site.
Regardless, I think the second quote is more likely the one to go with.


Proof reading? I don’t have to rely upon this hear spellcheque thingy?

Yeah, it’s amazing what people don’t realise still slips through on language. Best one I ever saw was “for the grater benefit of mankind” - yes, that is an accurate quote.


See, I don’t really think of All Star Superman that way. That’s the setup, sure, but he ends up getting better, so…I mean, I appreciate that it represents what he would do if he did think it was the end, but…I love Morrison, he’s one of my all-time favorites, but I’ve never thought of All Star Superman as one of my favorites. I guess I would probably have to reread it. A lot of what he did in it overlapped with what Johns was doing in Action Comics, so I thought of them mostly in concert with each other, as a really good time to be reading Superman, and if anything, I thought Johns’ material was better, more innovative, intrinsic to the character and his history. Both were telling stories that really hadn’t been done before, but seemed obvious in hindsight, but in this instance, because Morrison was ultimately doing a kind of alternate Superman even he didn’t return to in his to my mind superior Action Comics run a few years later…it’s just easy for me to overlook what All Star Superman technically is.

…Long answer. Short answer? Ah, right.


Should note that Superman technically “gets better” in DC One Million. So technically its ending leaves him effectively finished. But I stand by my assessment all the same. It’s so far removed from anything else that’s ever been done it all but reads as an entirely different character. The most relevant material is actually with Lex Luthor, oddly enough. I can imagine Morrison and Millar discussing ideas, and they probably did. Their conclusions between All Star Superman and Superman: Red Son are much the same.


Not sure if you’re aware of the Superman 2000 pitch (that also involved Mark Waid and Tom Peyer):


That’s certainly part of the mythology, that pitch. I’m not terribly surprised DC went another way, with a group of newer creators. I think the results spoke for themselves, and ultimately culminated in Superman/Batman. It’s a whole lost era now, but it really was a supersized Superman. The 2000 pitch was a reboot too soon, and its biggest miscalculation was that it would’ve looked, on the surface, any different than what the 90s had been doing, especially the Lois arc. That was the 90s! Even the Superman 24/7 thing was done at the end of that era. I don’t know if it was borrowed from that pitch or what…

I’m grateful Morrison eventually did his Action Comics, all the more. A human level champion Superman is more to the template than a god level Superman. (Not even to mention that as iconic as these writers are, they seem to have totally misunderstood something as basic as the basis of Christianity.) Also not entirely sure why they still thought Spawn was the main competition. Was he at that point? He’s been an afterthought for so long now…It would almost have been better, if they really thought that, to create the Superman villain version of Spawn. To create something new. It worked with Doomsday, obviously. And yet, one of the hallmarks of modern comics is a great reluctance to introduce new elements…


One of the most interesting parts of that pitch, for me, is the way that their ‘fix’ for the relationship between Superman and Lois is strikingly similar to what Marvel eventually did with the Spider-marriage, all the way down to the ‘one more day’ aspect.


I was thinking the same thing.


My LCS has a handout that indicates Braniac is the one to assemble the teams:
“Four giant beings comprised of the universe’s major energies - Mystery, Wonder, Wisdom and Entropy - who sustain their life force by devouring planets are on their way to the planet Colu. The only way to take down this unimaginable threat is for the superhero teams of earth to forget everything hey thought they knew and form new alliances”


I suppose that’s got a better ring than strong interaction, weak interaction, gravity and electromagnetic


Wisdom is Gravity.

Watch Out For Falling Rocks


Pete Wisdom is a Marvel character


Gravity is also a Marvel character.


Marvel is also a Marvel character