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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Does it need to be anything else?

Same here. So many sequences in it are pure gold.


No, but it was Dave who questioned that Miller didn’t have anything else to say when it came to Sin City stories. I reckon that he could probably crank out another half-dozen with no discernible difference to the first lot.


Oh, sorry about that.
Then I agree with Dave. Sin City really did run the gamut, especially with its intertwined levels of characters.

I’d like some comic stories about “Johnny” but that’s about it when it comes to its “Present”.


All over the Detective Comics creative team’s Justice League Dark. That’s an awesome team rosta too :facepunch:t3:


Well, it seems like they still have no faith in the Dark line outside of the art.


Wow that is great news!!!

I’m still so disappointed at the Detective Comics run is over, easily one of my favour comics in recent year - top of the big two bunch definitely.

However, that JL Dark roster is great and the fact that Martinez and Fernandez are on it with Tynion IV just seals it.

Tynion has written the best team book in years, so I guess it makes sense to have him on a JL book and he works better with the slightly more obscure characters.

This has the potential to be brilliant.

You said arc…is it only a short run or is this an ongoing?

If it’s an ongoing, I can see myself following up the Detective Deluxe editions with a bunch of JL Dark ones.

Williamson has written some really good stuff over at Image, however i was a wee bit disappointed at his Flash run. It bored me to be honest.
I’m hoping he can do better here. The book will look great anyway, Sejic recent Aquaman art was sublime.

DC are costing me a small fortune and that looks to continue throughout 2018.
So excited for so much of what they have in store.


It’s great hearing this as Sejic’s had a rough couple of years, it’s good to see him becoming known to more people.


Do you mind if I ask what has happened?


Same here. I was lukewarm at first but now I love it. It also has some of my favorite Miller art.


The short answer is he did his health in by working too hard. His system basically forced him to take time and get himself back on an even keel.

I love his art but can easily buy that he could overdo it. His DeviantArt journal covers it.


When it came out, I was not impressed with DK2. I might be my Miller work now. The Kryponite glove cliffhanger is such a strong image.


DK2 is the first time I ever heard of “The Question”. And I knew that after this page…I needed to know more.


I hope you’ve gone back to read the O’Neil-Cowan series. It was awesome. The book recommendations in the letters pages were a really cool touch, too.


I initially don’t have much interest in a JL Dark series but that creative line up and team roster have me intrigued. Kinda like that Azrael new look, too.


Well, it’s been 13 years since I first read DK2.
So, suffice it to say, the O’Neil series blew my 11 year old mind.


DKSA is brilliant, and one doesn’t need qualifications on that.

A pure take on every hero in it, filled with new spins and old man obstinance.


I really wish DC had a subscription service like Marvel Unlimited so I could get all of these books in one go, even if it were late.

Unfortunately even if I had the disposable income I do not have the time to read all of these books they’re announcing. I hope younger readers are devouring them.


I think it’s an ongoing :+1:t3:

And, yes. I agree wholeheartedly. Still massively saddened by their ‘Tec run ending. But this almost makes up for that. Almost :yum:


Not sure why you think that. They’ve moved one of their best loved creative teams on to it; and filled it with fan favourite characters. Why’s that a disappointment?


I think Tom is mixing it up with the previously named Dark Matter line (now New Age of Heroes I believe).