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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


It’s clearly me and my friend Joe-Mac


The next JL team will be JLoF(uture) set in the 31st century with heroes from all over the universe. It should be a big hit with people like @davidm.

after further thought, maybe JLG(alaxy) would be a better name.



As part of the new deal Miller will write Superman Year One, a new standalone graphic novel with art by John Romita Jr., in a story that DC says will redefine the Man of Steel for today’s fans. Also part of the new deal: Miller will write his first YA graphic novel, an untitled work with art by Ben Caldwell, that will star Carrie Kelley, a young girl first introduced in The Dark Knight Returns, who succeeds Robin as Batman’s partner.

2018 Frank Miller writing a YA book seems like a bad match, especially one with a female lead.


Is Superman: Year One an OGN now or is that just Publisher’s Weekly not completely understanding what’s going on?


The latter, I assume, though many more people are likely to read the collected version than the individual issues.


I’m super pumped for the book either way.


Ye of little faith


I honestly think Miller has been transitioning from crazy old man to elder statesmen of the comic industry. I get the feeling that he lived through some really fucked up things since about 2001 that severely impacted his life. I feel like he’s on the other side of that now.


To add to what Paul posted upthread, these articles have a bit more art.


Looks awesome. That Romita art on the Superman project is some of his best in years.


There’s this great playful quality to it.


That’s really optimistic but I hope you’re right. The signs have been good.


It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed anything Miller wrote, but these seem promising. Fingers crossed.


I’m more worried about his abyssmal art at this point… I know he’s old and all, but damn his art took a huge nose-dive =/


Did it really, though, or did it just change? Erik Larson also changed his style over the years, and he’s written about the reaction in Savage Dragon letter columns. Is it really such a bad thing to change? I hated Stuart Immonen changing his Superman style to what he did at Marvel for years. It was unrecognizable. And yet he’s returned to his Superman style (you can see it in Empress), and really…I may love his work, but I don’t have to love all of it. With Miller, I strongly suspect this bias for his earlier work is really a bias for his earlier stories. Once something earns classic status, it’s very hard to compete with, even if it’s the origin creator.


I’m fine with Miller’s style changing as long as it continues to be a punch in the face in terms of the pacing of the visuals.

Sure it’s a bit more blocky, squiggly, and loose…but it still knows where to land a moment.


If that’s what you’re really looking for, I’ll punch you in the face.


That doesn’t look like Frank Miller art at all…I’m sure some of it is Romita jr…the other stuff looks very manga. Is that Miller’s stuff?


Neither is Miller. One is John Romita Jr. The other is Ben Caldwell. The article said that. :wink: