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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here



Though it does sting a little bit every time I see Snyder and Justice League together knowing we’ll likely never get more Zack Snyder DC film material.


Literally all DC did was put good talent on good books and let them run with it for three years without a big event or relaunch.

That’s an oversimplification but not much of one. This stuff is not rocket science.


What is EA?


Electronic Arts? The video game company?


Ah. I don’t play video games and have no knowledge of how any of them or the companies that make them are doing.


Me either.


I think the big thing that both Marvel should start doing and DC should continue is forgo the line-wide relaunch and only relaunch a batch of titles every few years when there are large and significant creative changes; I also think they should only do this when the title seems to have dropped in sales and isn’t working well creatively.
There isn’t a reason to relaunch Batman as King is still continuing his planned 103 issue run. However, in the case of JL, the Hitch run was bad, and I haven’t read the Priest stuff, but that doesn’t seem like a large shift (same team lineup).
Superman, on the other hand was doing fine but I mean, it’s Bendis.

I think the next books to relaunch should be the GL books and WW because they’ve both lost a lot of their steam. I’m pretty sure Venditti is leaving Hal Jordan anyway.


How can one post be so incredibly wrong and so incredibly right just lines from each other?!? :wink:


Glad John Stewart Green Lantern is back on the roster… :+1:


Hitch or Bendis on a book means I’m not buying it. Don’t like the formers art and don’t like the latters writing (to be fair I know nothing of Hitch’s writing. It could be great for all I know)


Aquaman and Jabberjaw? Genius.




Yep. EA is infamous for a lot of stuff it’s pulled over the years, from buying and then killing numerous game studios, to very dodgy microtransaction antics.

It all came to a head last year with Star Wars: Battlefront 2, of which this is a good summary:

Like Marvel, EA simply never considered that there would be a push back against it. Then it all blew up and it wasn’t the only game, late last year, EA tried dodgy stuff on either.


That should give you everything you need to know how great it is. :wink:


I don’t much care for Cheung on art.

I love Snyder’s writing, but am not convinced it’s a good fit for Justice League. I’m more excited for news about Tynion’s JL title, if I’m being honest.

But, Jorge Jimenez on art? Sign me the fuck up.


I am bursting with excitement for the new Green Lantern creative team to be announced, y’all.


Any hints as to who it is or when it’s going to happen?

A new team is needed…

(Is it Hickman?)


I’m sworn to secrecy, but probably in a couple of months.

Sorry to be a tease. Just know that I am genuinely excited about it and that’s the only reason I’m saying anything at all. It’s going to be great, and huge.


Ok…this bodes well…!


We will now discuss your secret knowledge…