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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I’m very, very excited about what DC has coming down the pipe soon.


Yeah, but might just be for a 5 issue run. Unclear right now.

I think Bryan is super talented and Batman is one of his dream gigs so I think you’ll all dig what he has coming up.

I will say I was hoping Priest would get Detective, because I believe he’d really give us a book worthy of the name. But I think Bryan is going to do a bang up job.


That initial five issue arc will probably get collected with Tynion’s last arc in Deluxe vol 4. I won’t get it in singles, but will give it a read at that point.


Hmm, that’d be a risky move - I still think DC will give Batmen Eternal its own OHC a la Oz Effect, The Button and Underworld.

Then they can market it as a big conclusion volume.


Loving what I’m seeing here.


Why is Steward’s ring power purple? Is that a recent change or is it just miscolored?


No idea. I would lean toward a slight miscolor.


It changed between the first and second image in one post. That’s really recent :smiley:


Seems to be connected to whatever is happening to the Earth on the other half of that cover.



This Justice League relaunch does sound rather exciting

It is also going to look amazing


Have updated the Solicitations for JUNE 2018 thread.

Solicitations for June 2018 (w/ Previews text)

6 Superman issues in 6 weeks with one hell of an art roster - DC are aiming high.


Hey, it’s the DCAU Justice League line-up. Guess that’s fallen into the nostalgia band now.


Doomsday Clock variation… better than a stack of pancakes imho.


Ahhh hell yeah. That Wild Storm solicit is fantastic.


You have to admit when you were a kid you looked at the numbering for Action and Detective Comics and thought “wow…what happens when they get to 1000?”

Well, that time is here…and you’re right, DC is really going for it.


It’s amazing what good will can get you. DC relaunches JLA and everyone cheers.
Marvel relaunches a bunch of new stuff and everyone groans.

I’m excited for this though and DC have definitely earned the good will.


And that’s really it in this case. DC are relaunching stuff, but they look to be doing so strategically and the strategy is more than ‘let’s try and cover some stuff up’.

(I’m starting to wonder if Marvel are the EA of comics: Ruthlessly commercial,but have finally overplayed their hand on an already pissed off consumer base.)

Back to DC: At this point it’s no longer ‘watch us win the race’, it’s become 'we won the race, so we’ll just break the world record and set a new personal best, ‘K?’


It’s funny because DC were very much behind Marvel before Rebirth happened. Before the New 52, during it, then at the end of it, always behind in goodwill and sales (aside from the initial relaunch bump that they got). As much as Rebirth really worked, it seems like Marvel fired an rpg at their foot with Secret Wars and everything they’ve done after.
It’s nice though. DC seem to have been the #2 publisher the entire time I’ve been reading comics so this feels pretty exciting.