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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I’ve only read the first trade of it, but I think you’d definitely get a kick out of Wrath of The Eternal Warrior


He absolutely squandered Carol.
In some of the worst and actually pretty insulting ways possible.

And then there’s the refined crap of Godhead.



Marvel exclusive good news, they have lost all their best creators but they have installed a Dolce Gusto coffee machine which is very nice.


You didn’t hear? The coffee machine is going to DC, too.


An exclusive deal? Damn that hurts.


If that’s true that’s a massive loss for Marvel.

I think it’s a no brainer for him though, he’s not always been used that well by Marvel and seems to get papped around a lot, whereas DC look to be sticking them on to one of their biggest books.


Cheung is great, and a good get for DC. But I’m actually more excited to see Jorge Jimenez as the other artist on the book. His work on Super Sons and the odd issue of Superman, has really impressed me. It’s good to see him on such a high profile relaunch.


I think they’ll be a nice 1-2 punch.

That’s one of the things I’ve really loved about DC’s Rebirth initiative. They knew no one artist was going to be able to keep the schedule. So in Jim Lee’s words, they platooned the artists. I thought a lot of them had extremely complimentary styles. It allowed them to feature great artists without burning them completely out.


Just being real here, and I’ve loved Cheung ever since Teen Tony, but I don’t think he’ll finish one arc without slipping the timeline. I’m ready to be proven wrong, but I doubt it will happen.


He used to be fairly regular though. I also think that’s what works well with DC’s current system. He doesn’t even have to do a whole arc.


Lack of fibre in his diet?


Unfortunately Cheung on a book is an automatic no-buy for me. Just not a fan, plus met him at a con and he was a dick.


Do tell…


Conversely, my brother and I met him last year and he was very pleasant.


Met the nicest folks at cons - but, shit happens and there is always the oncoming of Con Crud.


Just general rudeness, would be talking to fans and then just drop that conversation to go and speak to a friend or fellow guest without saying ‘sorry’ or ‘excuse me’. Also did some very lazy sketches that were overpriced (you could tell he was phoning it in). Then he refused to sign some kids books. Maybe he was having a bad day.


Not sure I like the sound of Bryan Hill on Detective Comics, following Tynion’s departure. The emphasis on Black Lightning doesn’t exactly fill me with joy either. I think I might be done with the book now :smirk:


Yeah, I don’t think Hill’s ready for a book on that level.


Has this been announced?

I like Hill but I’m not sure it’s a good fit.