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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I’ll be having some of that - good to see Simone back at DC


One day they may even give her a book that isn’t b-c list.

Nah that would be crazy talk.


They still don’t have a writer for the Legion of Super-Heroes.

I’m just saying.


I think Gar meant giving her an A-List book, not a D-List one.




I don’t know the story behind this, but:


Sometimes there is a God.





Doran bringing the straight fire.


Black Label sounds like it would have been the perfect place for Mark to publish his Superman story, but I guess that train has left the station now.


I do wonder if they’ll reprint some of the more popular Elseworlds (a-la Red Son, Blood Rain, etc) under the Black Label banner…


To be fair, she did have a run on Action Comics and Wonder Woman, so that’s two of the Big 3.


Venditti & Hitch


Hitch on Hawkman? DC is making it hard for me to cut back on my comics intake.


Not that hard it seems.


What else has he written?


X-O Manowar and Wrath of the Eternal Warrior, which are both excellent. And a bunch of DC things


A really horrible Green Lantern run.
I hear his Rebirth run isn’t bad.

But his terrible first makes me reluctant.


I’ve heard good things about both of them (and the Valiant stuff in general). I’ll give this a shot for the first arc easily.


I’ll pick this up but I’m disappointed Vendetti is the writer

He’s decent enough but I don’t feel any passion in his work and most of his dc stuff feels like he’s going thru the motions

This is a missed opportunity and destined to be another failed launch for the character