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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Which is a shame, because his pitch of “Roman Holiday but with Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor” is amazing.

Excited for Black Label.
Hope Miller’s Old West Sin City story is still brewing.


At the speed he’s working these days I wouldn’t get your hopes up. He’s meant to be doing Xerxes next, isn’t he?


I’d settle for a series of webisodes starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “Johnny” character.


It’s why DC have dominated the trade charts for a decade. Marvel will use crossovers and relaunches and renumbering and DC will push evergreen material.

If you look at the Amazon book charts, every single week for the last decade ‘The Killing Joke’ is in there. It’s there today. I don’t know the numbers but Brian Bolland hasn’t drawn more than a short story for 30 years, he can’t sell original artwork as he went all digital. He’s living off the odd cover and those royalties.


Age of Heroes, Black Label - DC are blazing.


Age of Heroes? I’m calling that dead in the water.

Everything else, including this Black Label? F’ing awesome. That’s a great line up. I’m all over pretty much all of that.


Black Label is a stupid name… the books look very good though… I’m just wondering why not call them Elseworlds, but whatevs, I guess they want a shiny new brand… They could’ve thought about the name for a bit longer though… =/


I would assume that might be down to Greg Capullo’s influence.

That hat is Capullo’s ubiquitous Black Label Society hat. He’s rarely without it.


Wow, Black Label is amazing news.

I’ll probably end up getting all of those titles.

DC have had brilliant couple of years and it bodes well for the future.


The first issue is out in a month or two - not sure how many he’ll have in the bag already right enough


Black Label looks INCREDIBLE.

Gutted about the loss of Hickman off Legion (according to Bloodiedkewl). That would have been a perfect book.


(Ah well, more opportunity for me to sweep in and take it)


Take Colleen Doran with you


I plan to buy all of these in trade form too. Wouldn’t dream of floppies/digital.


I plan on buying them in floppies and then trade six years later when I can’t find the floppies. It’s a system that’s worked for me so far.


…and the publishers love you for it sir.


They love him more because he cuddles afterwards.


DC need to stop taking my money…


From SXSW - the plotters convene.

Dan Jurgens, Jim Lee, Frank Miller and Brian Bendis.

Quite the Rogue’s Gallery!