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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Yes, I’m interested to an extent, but a lot will depend on what artists they announce, as those writers alone aren’t enough to get me to pick up a non-Gaiman Sandman series.


Do teenagers today still read Sandman as a sorta rite of passage? Seems like you never hear about it anymore.


It all depends on the model. If Gaiman’s as hands on with this stuff as Ellis is on the WildStorm books? I think they’ll be pretty great. We’ll see how it goes, but exciting news.


The announcement says Gaiman is plotting the initial one-shot and ‘overseeing’ the four series, which doesn’t sound as involved as Ellis with the Wild Storm stuff, but who knows.


It’s interesting to see DC going full on with these creator lead imprints.
You’ve got this, Wildstorm, Young Animal and I believe they also said Bendis would be doing one too.


Jinxworld books are now back on Comixology:

Annoyingly, the ones I already bought when they were at Marvel don’t show up as “Already Owned” or whatever.


The “Sandman Universe” thing doesn’t sound terribly impressive.

Reboots of The Dreaming, Lucifer, and Books of Magic with a new title, House of Whispers thrown into the mix. And it seems like Dream (and the other Endless) won’t be around. Appears to be the same formula they used post-Sandman with The Dreaming and Sandman Presents, which were mostly forgettable affairs. The only really great title to come out of that was Mike Carey’s Lucifer. The rest filled up quarter bins.

I would rather see Gaiman do a miniseries for each of the Endless – Desire, Destiny, Despair, Delight/Delirium, Destruction, and maybe a third Death series to make it a trilogy – and then put it to bed. I seem to recall the Endless minis, in addition to a prequel comic that became Sandman Overture, being mentioned right after Sandman ended in the 90s.


Gaiman is insanely expensive, no way that’s ever going to happen. This solution means DC are paying Gaiman a nice fee to “oversee” without bankrupting WB. Derivative series will sell well initially, no doubt.


I think it’s down to individual tastes, but none of my friends have read it. I never finished the first volume when I gave it a shot, aged fifteen I reckon. But then I’m notpparticularly interested I the more literary stuff. Maybe I’ll come back to it one day but the art didn’t do much for me either.


Yeah and it could have been absolutely excellent if Vertigo had had some actual confidence in it and not axed it at #18, having changed writers six issues earlier.

Those first 12 issues were great, then it got subjected to a brutally brief wrapping up and then they just decide to a new series, just like that? No awareness of what they should be punished for?


It’s at least positive now they are using Gaiman and a publicity drive to give them a better chance. A lot of Vertigo books recently have been so under the radar I only heard about them when they announced the cancellation.


I don’t know if it’s still the same level of gateway comic that it used to be (I think the Ultimate books took that role for awhile, and now there’s such a range of creator-owned or indie stuff like Lumberjanes, Saga, Bitch Planet, and The Walking Dead that no one title has the same impact). I think it still stands as one of the evergreen books that a ton of people read, whether they jump into comics or not. Most English majors (in my experience) are at least familiar with the series.


EW can exclusively announce that DC Comics is launching a Sandman Universe line of four new comic series.

My first thought was, what a terrible idea. But as I read on I caught myself wondering whether I should buy these monthly or tradewait them :confused:


Some more details here from Gaiman (the Guardian are actually pretty good at comics coverage, long past the 'biff, bang, pow" stage of most mainstream outlets).


This is interesting:


The first series, Pearl, focuses on a Yakuza tattoo artist who falls in love with her enemy, and features interior art from Bendis’ Alias co-creator Michael Gaydos with covers from David Mack.

“We knew it had to match what people perceive Jessica to be and that what and we came up with had to be an equally, if not more complex character in Pearl,” Bendis said of the series.

Meanwhile, Mack himself will provide interiors for a second creator-owned series titled Cover, which focuses on a comic book creator who is recruited as a spy.

“Who has a better cover story than comic book artists and writers, who get to travel the world and no one is actually paying attention to what they’re doing?” Bendis explained. “David and I have had a lot of travels over the last few years and we are going to have a lot of fun examining the world of espionage through the world of Comic-Con.”


Both of those sound pretty interesting.

They’ll be great looking books as well


Yeah, both those books sound promising. I’m looking forward to this new chapter of Bendis’ career, hopefully he can deliver the goods.


Both of these quite promising.

However, Bendis will know he has to dispel his prior reputation on his own series and get the books out consistently. It doesn’t have to be twice a month, but whatever pattern he decides on, it is hit consistently. He does that and he could be onto a winner.


The same was true for me so I went and checked.

The old listings for the Icon versions of the books have been removed from Comixology, but if you bought them in the past you can still access them in your account history and download them. So all your purchases are safe.

I downloaded the new Scarlet #1 (it’s one of the five free Jinxworld #1s currently listed) to compare it with the Icon version and it looks like the new versions don’t have the letters pages or other extras from the original Icon versions.