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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


How about Kinder Flashen?


Or Kindern Flash?


I got it.

We call White Wally: The Sentinel?
Worked for Alan Scott.


That verbatim needs to be the title of a comic.


It’s confirmed:


Damn. That’s a bummer. Hopefully whatever team takes over keeps the quality high.


Didn’t realise he’d racked up 6 years on the Bat-books!


It’s easy to overlook, I guess. He worked with Snyder on the New52 Batman; wrote Talon; was lead writer on Batman Eternal and then Batman & Robin Eternal; and, then the last two years on Detective Comics. Not forgetting the awesome that is Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I’m actually pretty heartbroken that his run on 'Tec is ending. It’s meant the world to me these last couple of years. But, that is a pretty impressive resume.


Oh man I’m so gutted, I feel there was so much more life left in his run.

Whoever steps in next has huge shoes to fill.

This would have been the perfect opportunity to bring Bendis on this book and do a Batman as a detective run in the tone of his Daredevil book.


I’d buy that. I’d still be massively disappointed. But, I would buy that.


I’m hoping for Chris Priest on Detective.


EW can exclusively announce that DC Comics is launching a Sandman Universe line of four new comic series. The books will be overseen by Gaiman but written and drawn by brand new creative teams. They will pick up story threads and themes from The Sandman while also adding new characters and concepts.

The project kicks off this August with The Sandman Universe one-shot special, which will catch readers up on what’s been happening in Dream’s realm.

The Sandman Universe #1 will be plotted by Gaiman but written by Nalo Hopkinson, Kat Howard, Si Spurrier, and Dan Watters, with art by Bilquis Everly and a cover by Jae Lee. Each of those four writers will then go on to explore the special’s various threads in four new series.

Hopkinson will write House of Whispers and explore how the voodoo deity Erzulie ended up in the Dreaming with her titular house. It might have something to do with a comatose woman named Latoya, whose girlfriend and sisters used the Book of Whispers to try and heal her. Now out of her coma, Latoya is suffering from the Cotard’s Delusion belief that she’s already dead, and is transmitting her belief to others, catalyzing them to become guardians of the gap that has opened in the Dreaming.

Howard will write Books of Magic, which will follow up on Gaiman’s 1990 miniseries of the same name and explore Timothy Hunter’s magical education as he’s torn between two powerful destinies.

Spurrier will write The Dreaming, which will follow The Sandman supporting characters like Lucien the librarian and Matthew the Raven as they navigate a Dreaming without Dream.

Watters will write Lucifer, which finds the titular devil blind and destitute, trapped living in a small boarding house in a quiet town where no one can ever leave.

Artists for the books have not been announced yet.


That’s some unexpected news, but I’m cautiously optimistic about it. Lucifer is one of my all time favorite comics, and Books of Magic is full of promise. Really, I’m just a fan of the whole Sandman universe. Hope this can live up to its potential.

I’m also hoping DC will give the series a solid chance to succeed. I would hate to see them canceled after 12 issues just because people didn’t jump onboard right away.


I’m game for more Spurrier.


I suspect this is partly driven by how well the Sandman books sell in trade, outside the regular comics market, so I imagine they’ll give the series a fair shot to build up collection-worthy amounts of material.


It’s actually a bit strange they let them stop for so long. 3 of those books had very long runs after the main series ended.

I think their last Sandman spin-off type book was the Dead Boy Detectives revival a few years back.


There was another Lucifer series in 2015, but that’s it I think.


They did have the Lucifer revival that only recently got canceled, right? And they did a House of Mystery series a few years back too but I don’t really remember if there were any overt connections to Sandman in there (and now that I think of it, that series was probably a lot longer ago than I remember).


I get the impression from various bits and pieces over the years that DC have tried to always ‘play nice’ with Gaiman when it comes to Sandman, and let him shepherd the characters as far as possible (even if they don’t absolutely have to).

They’re obviously keen for him to keep producing new material (and if it’s as good as Sandman: Overture then so am I) - so it may just be a timing issue and they wanted to wait for him to have time to have a hand in the new books, rather than moving on without any input from him at all.


Really big, exciting announcement on the surface.

But none of 4 writers really do anything for me; it’s a step into the unknown for 3 of them and Spurrier can be very very hit and miss, especially when his writing style detracts from the story, which it often does.