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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


At this stage DC have a lot of credit in the bank with me and I’m a fairly willing passenger on this ride, even though I am sad at the current Superman and Justice League runs ending, because I have enjoyed them.


That article seems to indicate that the solicit made it clear Super Sons was ending. I didn’t get that at all.

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant cover by DUSTIN NGUYEN
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details. Includes a code for a free digital download of this issue.
“END OF INNOCENCE” part two! The epic battle between the Super Sons and Kid Amazo crashes to a close, and Superboy and Robin must decide how to pick up the pieces of the disastrous Amazo Project. The Super Sons face tomorrow in this latest chapter of their journey together!
On sale MAY 30 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T


I skipped the team inbetween but even as a huge Rucka fan, I adore Queen and Country and think Lazarus is the best book on the stands, I prefer the James Robinson stories running now.


I suspect this stuff is going to be folded into a new Teen Titans thing, or perhaps the Teen Titans will be cleaved from a new Young Justice, which will be part of the Justice League line.

Not sure what a Teen Titans would really look like, as a franchise, if you took away the young justice esque characters. I guess it’d just be the one book with the old Wolfman/perez characters, but that’s not never really worked. Maybe link it to the Outsiders to give a bigger senese of purpose?


They’ve said JL, JLA, TT and T will all spin out of No Justice. So maybe TT will become more like Young Justice.


You’re right sorta… not never means always. and I wouldn’t say every post Wolfman/Perez Titans has succeeded but currently you have Cyborg in JL and Abnett’s Titans which i like. My wish would be relocate Raven and Starfire to Titans so we can give Dick and Wally love interests to go with Garth/Lilith and Donna/Roy.


Me too. The whoeveritwas filler issues made me think about dropping it, but I’m glad I didn’t because Robinson is a great writer. And as a bonus, there will now be more Black Magic, which is really good.


It was the cover that went with it that had fans speculating. Then Tomasi confirmed it on Twitter.
More detail in the CBR article.


While it appears this is it for Tynion on 'Tec, it could be he’s concluding this long-form story and then continuing on with the book.


It could be. I doubt it. But, stranger things have happened.

Assuming Tynion is wrapping up his run, DC are doing a magnificent job of cancelling all my regular titles out from under me.

In the space of two months, I lose:

  • Superman - not interested in Bendis’ run.
  • Super Sons - cancelled
  • Detective Comics - may as well be if Tynion’s leaving
  • Titans - MIA
  • Immortal Men - pre-emptive cancellation by DC.
  • New Challengers - another pre-emptive DC cancellation.

I won’t actually have any DCU titles I collect regularly come June :worried:


Metal has kinda floundered for me. I liked the single shot stories for the Dark Knights (the evil Aqua being terrific), but it seems like Metal has lost its direction and we’re coming to the end. Where did this new one-shot, the Wild Hunt come from? It wasn’t on the master list. Those kinds of things slay me, like there was too much material that was originally purged, but then the story itself is dire need of substance, so let’s just bring in a random one-shot? Yeesh. The Batman Lost and Found were great and Hawkman was also good. Otherwise, where are we going, other than a platform to launch new titles? It’s like they came up with the idea of starting next gen New Universe (which failed horribly for Marvel in the 80s) with all these characters that weren’t REALLY in Metal to this point, but we’re to accept them as tie-ins? Meh.


Aquaman is still one to beat and I’m happy it’s back to monthly instead of bi-weekly. Cheers to all the creative staff for being able to keep up such a brutal pace at bi-weekly, but this is going to have to even out soon before the writers especially tank out. Nightwing was so strong, but it’s getting a bit dopey for me. Get him back with Sean and out Bludhaven and start a clean slate.



Wally is black in comics continuity now too? Or is that a different Kid Flash?


There’s currently two Wally Wests. The Rebirth Wally is black.


Oh well that’s not confusing at all :laughing:


It should be Wallies West


I’m trying to decide which sounds worse:

Kid Flashes
Kids Flash


That’s really down to your personal morality, I suppose.