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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Jim Lee posted this new statue from his design on Instagram. I like it.


That’s not the picture I have Vik, the wiki has these trades:

The 2009 series was collected into four trade paperbacks:

  • Volume 1: The Coming of Starro (collects R.E.B.E.L.S. #1–6, 144 pages, January 2010, ISBN 1-4012-2589-6)[13]
  • Volume 2: Strange Companions (collects R.E.B.E.L.S. #7–9 and Annual #1, 128 pages, August 2010, ISBN 1-4012-2761-9)[14]
  • Volume 3: The Son and the Stars (collects R.E.B.E.L.S. #10–14, 144 pages, December 2010, ISBN 1-4012-2911-5)
  • Volume 4: Sons of Brainiac (collects R.E.B.E.L.S. #15–20, 144 pages, February 2011, ISBN 1-4012-3017-2)
  • Volume 5: Starstruck (collects R.E.B.E.L.S. #21–28, 160 pages, December 2011, ISBN 1-4012-3286-8). This volume was cancelled and has never been published.

DC messed up.


I was talking about the New Krypton stuff actually, Ben.


Oh, that - oh yeah I’d agree in that case.

Though, the way DC are packaging their older material into big omnibuses makes me suspect maybe there’ll be a 2-part set at some point. I think it’d need 2 as there was about I don’t know, 60-70 issues of it all?


Solicitations for May 2018 (w/Previews text)

So Jim Lee could only mange one issue of The Immortal Men?. That’s pretty poor.

The No Justice event does look good though.


DC… Killing those who deliver the post in 2018:

Written by PETER J. TOMASI, PAUL DINI and others • Art by VIKTOR BOGDANOVIC, CARLOS D’ANDA, ALISSON BORGES and others • Video game cover
Collecting the comics inspired by the Rocksteady Studios video game series in a single volume, this omnibus includes BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT #1-12, ARKHAM KNIGHT ANNUAL #1, ARKHAM KNIGHT: BATGIRL BEGINS #1, ARKHAM KNIGHT: THE ROAD TO ARKHAM #1, BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY #1-5, ARKHAM UNHINGED #1-20, BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT ROBIN SPECIAL #1, ARKHAM KNIGHT – GENESIS #1-6, BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT – BATGIRL AND HARLEY QUINN #1 and more!
On sale SEPTEMBER 12 • 1,648 pg, FC, • $150.00 US • ISBN: 978-1-4012-8432-9


Welp, Scooby-Apocalypse is definitely ending with #28


Would they announce it and expect people to believe it’s true?
Like the article says; “there’s a reason it’s called “Apocalypse.””

Also Snyder’s New Challengers now has a co-writer and it’s billed as a “six-issue mini”.

I wonder if plans are changing behind the scenes? Bendis, plus others yet to be announced (and the promises made to them) could have made changes to what the high-profile artists are doing and they’re changing on the fly (and where they want the universe to be set-up by the end of Doomsday Clock).

That’s the good speculation, but the other side of the coin is it’s falling apart.
I was looking forward to everything, but I’m back to being tentative.


Definitely not bothering with any of the “New Age Of Heroes” books now. Way too poorly managed.

This. This, btw, is completely unacceptable :rage:



That’s the one I was most excited for.


There does seem to be a shift happening due to bringing Bendis on board. I would be sad about some of the stuff fading out but there is so much to love still on the horizon. Justice League: No Justice looks so good.

I’m still curious what’s on deck for @bryanhitch. I loved his Justice League and would enjoy him on another book either writing or doing art.


More cancellations. Good to hear there’s more to come with Tomasi and SuperSons (current series cancelled).


Wow. With no Supergirl, I think I’ll only be buying Wonder Woman from DC now. And to be honest I came very close to dropping that when Rucka left.

This feels … wrong :confused:


Since you like Supergirl so much, have you tried reading Superman, David? He seems to have a very similar power set.


Good point, I forgot that I’m reading Superman regularly. I’ll confess that I’m a little behind though, the issues I’m reading at the moment shipped in 1944 :frowning:


Your mail service sucks bad.


You’re missing/missed out on a lot of good material then.


Let’s hope No Justice actually affects the upcoming books unlike their competition’s event so called reshuffling of their Main team books


I’m really looking forward to No Justice for the creative team alone.