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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Kind of vague but this could be interesting.


DC are already doing that right, with the Kamandi Challenge, so I think Newsarama are just wildly speculating based on the use of the word challenge.


I agree. I think they’re reading too much into exact wording.

I hope it’s not in this direction but my thoughts went to Crisis on Infinite Earths as being the most 80’s thing they could do especially as it relates to Man of Steel.


I’ve never thought about it this way before but Man of Steel is another film that’s better than the book.





I really hope that he hasn’t left it in Spoiler’s hands. She couldn’t even be Robin properly.


Without reading the article, I would say Nightwing. In the last Titans issue, Batman flashed back to the scene where he tells Dick he is going to be the JL leader. Although it matters little because Snyder and DC are blowing up the current JL and creating 4 new leagues.


This looks like a well deserved send off for the current creative teams on Action Comics and Superman. It also looks like they’re both revisiting some of my favorite stories in those books.


Glad to see Mark Russell in there.

I do hope after Snagglepuss he and DC are interested in him taking on one of the DC universe books.

I feel like Green Lantern, Flash, Green Arrow could be due a new voice - but I’d settle for him on just about anything, I’ll try it regardless.

(Raking over old ground here, but I’ll say again his Flintstones with Steve Pugh was tremendous, as was Prez and he’s carried this onto Snagglepuss which looks to be of equal brilliance, a completely unexpected and very much grown up tale. It’s less a bunch of themes and more a full story compared to The Flintstones which had more of a done in one approach (sometimes done in a few pages).


Russell would be a perfect fit for L.E.G.I.O.N. or REBELS


And oh how I’d love to see one of those series return


One of these days I’ll get round to rereading that Tony Bedard REBELS series. I remember that being a great run.


Yeah it was really great.

Helped by Andy Clarke’s art right enough (where is he now, such a brilliant artist and designer). It’s my favourite thing that Bedard has done.


Make sure you’ve the issues of REBELs - DC axed the fifth and final trade!


Yeah it was back when I was buying everything in singles more or less


Did you buy the first 4 trades and the rest in singles?

I was really disappointed when that series got canned

You must have been livid if you had bought the first 4 trades and the 5th failed to materialise


Yeah, it was a Classic-DC-Screwing-Themselves-Over move. Had they issued that trade they could have kept selling the set, but nope.

I’ve still got the trades, inclined to keep the first three with the talk here and still try to flog the fourth, which is pretty much linked to New Krypton. (Another epic story DC just couldn’t get rid of fast enough!)



Is that why there’s no trade of the final bits of this? I’ve never read it because it’s so hard to follow the story. Bits & pieces collected all over the place, and huge chunks completely MIA.