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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here



Edit to clarify: that’s not a fanboy “squeee”, it’s a scream of genuine pain :wink:


Ok, I’ll stop, withdraw previous comment and re-submit new speculation.

The 4th shipping week in December 2019 will be moved back a day to Tues. Dec. 24th which also happens to be the Chief’s birthday. How now it would be to finish the 18 issue maxi-series on your birthday (36 issues if bi-weekly).

Money in the bank. :smile:


I agree. Damian should have absolutely stayed dead though.


Absolutely not. Otherwise we’d have years and years of the stone faced jackass to everyone Batman instead of the one we have now. I’ve had enough of the former; it’s time to let the latter stay around.


Hot Take: Damian should never have died.

That Apokolips arc was weak.


Whilst I agree with a lot of what you said, it’s funny you list Tynion amongst that crowd. Detective Comics pretty much lives and breathes pre-Morrison late 1990’s/ early 2000’s nostalgia.

It’s almost the anti- Morrison Bat-book - Bruce and Tim’s familial relationship is the heart of the book, Tim’s back in the Robin costume, Stephanie is Spoiler again, etc.

It owes more to Chuck Dixon and Denny O’Neil than anyone else. In fact, I don’t think it shares anything with Grant’s work. Damien, Dick, Talia - all of them are nowhere to be seen in 'Tec.


I don’t agree it was the better book - but I did think it was a wonderful and emotional companion book to Morrison’s run, which is the greatest Batman run of all time in my opinion

I remember waxing lyrical about this on here years ago so I do agree with your sentiments that thomasi & gleasons book was extremely underrated


It does however share a lot with Alan Grant’s work in the early 90s

Grant and Breyfogle’s batbooks were my favourite at that time - I had posters on my wall from that run and everything

Which is why i think detective reasonates with me so much with Grant having created Anarky and the whole Mud Pack storyline

God, that was good times !


Yes! I adore that run too. It’s still, to this day, my fave Bat-run ever.

Such an absolute tragedy: what happened to Norm Breyfogle; and, that DC don’t have this whole run collected yet.



Morrison deserves credit for creating Damian, but he also deserves criticism for trying to kill him off. Regardless of the artistic execution - Burnham did a blinder on the art - at the time and now it still came across to me as a pointlessly nasty move. Then again, I view the first half of Batman Incorporated as brilliant but am far less happy with the second New 52 half and the final resolutions Morrison opted for.


It’s just part of the illusion of change though. He gave Bruce a son, a nemesis, sent him back in time and made a new Batman, then made a bunch of other Batmen. In the end though, he left Bruce in the cave with Alfred and a Batmobile, processing his grief, like Batman always must.
That DC brought him back and kept him there says more about their growth (see also Superman Rebirth and Super Sons) than Morrison’s inherent nastiness.


Jason should’ve stayed dead, or a villain… it bothers me there’s 4 robins running around. And they should’ve let Tim stay under the “Red Robin” costume (The Kingdom Come one), since Damian is Robin now.


I think Damian coming back was great, but no one ever got the voice right for my taste. I know many love tomasis take and I’m not hear to argue with taste but the essential character of Damian was never carried through, and I don’t know why. Every writer failed to get it save for, I believe, Bryan q miller. Snyder, tomasi, nicieza…even king, tho he’s come a bit closer (though I suppose you can argue that given the length of his run, tomasis version is the more correct; but I find him much less fun)


Best long form run for sure. But millers first two dark knights plus year one are arguably better (tho it’s a different beast, I know)


I agree with this so much. Damian has never sounded right after Morrison.
Didn’t you say that Kubert did a decent job with his miniseries though? I still need to read that.


This. More than that it was the whole theme of the second half ; it’s not that Morrison was himself nasty, it’s that his relationship to superhero comics had become nasty. All of the things he talks about in his earlier superhero work with wonder and light he talks about here with misery and darkness. Suddenly “never dying” is not triumphant but a trap, a refusal to grow. Suddenly the naïveté of childhood is no longer redemptive (as say in flex) but rather catastrophically destructive, ones inability to grow, to let go, to move on hurting everyone around you…when your psychotic obsession with trappings and boyhood trauma allow you to put your child in danger.

I’m happy he came back but I get why he died. I was really bummed when that issue came out, because it was in that moment clear that Morrison was disillusioned with the genre that he so lovingly expanded and deepened for decades.


I did not say that. I couldn’t get past a couple of pages of it.

It’s bizarre that everyone fails. I could encapsulate an approach in less than 5 words.


Talia was the only remotely reasonable person in the book. She was trying to talk to a psychopath in a black cape in terms he could understand.

Kate Kane too actually.


Lovely art. Pretty incompetent writing though. Leave well enough alone.


Thanks. That’s one more comic to take off the list.
As sad as it was to see him go, that final team-up that he got with Dick was the best. It hit the highest highs and the lowest lows in about eight pages. Oh how I hope DC don’t do any misprints or omissions in their omnibus collections of this stuff.