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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Those are for the six weekly issues of Man of Steel.


I don’t know about the “journalism-oriented” take. I agree with Millar’s opinion that Superman should be about things that only Superman can do. Journalism can be a good element, but at the end of the day you want to see the big guy doing super stuff.


Do reason they can’t stay on afterwards. :wink:

It’s too bad there isn’t a second comic book that’s named after the big guy that Bendis said would be about him doing super stuff. Real missed opportunity there.



I’m actually pretty nonplussed about the Super-Bendis news. Unless something big changes, I won’t be reading them; I’m just not interested.

I am quite excited about a Bendis “pop up” imprint though. That sounds aces. If it’s half as good as Ellis’ Wildstorm line, it’ll be fantastic.


I’m not sure when Ryan Sook last did a full issue on his own, I wouldn’t pin my hopes on him doing any sort of run.


I’m excited for this. I may just go ahead and add them to my pull lists.


The journalism thing I think it was just speculation though :slight_smile:


Bit of a shame this, the Superman books have really strong the past 18 months

However I’d far rather this than a new batman title (or an ousting of the current 2 Batbook writers)

Although, here’s a novel idea Brian…just because you can write 5 books a month doesn’t mean you should.


While the main Superman title will be an adventure-driven book, Action Comics will delve into Clark Kent’s daily life.

Unless Kent’s daily life no longer involves working a job, it’s pretty reliable speculation.


Don’t you already read the Superman books, Will? You’d really like Tomasi & Gleason’s Superman if you’re not.


The only thing I can infer from this is Mark Millar and (superstar artist) on a 6 issue mini to run from July to Dec.
Say it. Spill the beans. You know something…


I don’t. I’ve picked up a couple of issues and enjoyed them. I’m a fan of what Tomasi and Gleason did on Batman & Robin and am considering picking up Super Sons in trade.


What I’d say to you is, it’s all in the approach.

If Bendis tries to approach it in some kind of plot-forward way, I think it’ll be forgettable.

But Garth Ennis doesn’t seem to be the right guy to write Superman - and yet his work with the character is among the best ever published. He approached the character in a way that resonated for him - the ultimate immigrant - and the thing sung as a result.

Hopefully Bendis has some similar “in”. I’m certainly excited to see what he does with the Planet and Metrpolis.


Not sure what to make of this news, though I love the art roster.


Yeah even though Morrison created Damian, it’s Tomasi who’s really moulded him ever since. He’s been doing a lot of awesome and (mostly) unsung work since Batman & Robin.


I really do think Tomasi’s batman and robin was very underated. I think it suffered from the Morrison crowd wanting it to be more Morrison. To me it was a better book in a lot of ways though.


I’m far from a Grant Morrison fanboy but he deserves a lot of credit for a lot of that success. Damian will not only go down as Morrison’s most lasting creation, but the introduction of Damian also reimagined the way writers approach Batman—as a character that can have humor in his world, that can have the piss taken out of him sometimes, that can feel deep fatherly love and obligations.

All of that stuff was obviously there in the character at various points throughout the decades, but Damian coalesced all of those traits in a new way, while being a memorable character himself. A lot of the sales success that Snyder, King, Tomasi, and Tynion have enjoyed have come because Morrison fundamentally changed the Batverse and made it fresh again.


Stop toying with my heart with things that aren’t ever going to happen :sob:


I hadn’t thought about that before, but you’re right. Damien has been great for Batman, and I hope the upcoming marriage to Catwoman has the same impact.


Oh good, it’s months since we’ve had one of those :slight_smile: