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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Well that’s a shit lineup of artists. :smile:


Still not sure Superman is a great fit for Bendis, but I’ll be willing to check it out.


It wouldn’t be what I would choose for him but let’s wait and see. I really do think all his recent books from Marvel have been excellent and his best for many years.


I think Bendis on Superman sounds great. Putting him on both books feels a bit excessive and dumping the current teams seems like throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but what do I know.


I think action comics, with its focus on Kent and journalism, sounds like it could work really well.


Only thing I’m concerned with off the bat is that he’ll probably run point on LOSH Rebirth then.
And I know USM has a good track record, almost all of his other teen stuff has fallen flat, and while the LOSH might be adults going by what Rebirth has hinted - it’s still got that teen ensemble in its DNA and stuff like his dual X-Men books has me worried.

But main Superman, Kent AC, and the mini look worth checking out.


Some of the plots in the Superman titles have fallen pretty flat for me recently. So I’m looking forward to a bit of change up. I do hope Tomasi is still on Super Sons though.


Oh, Tomasi will definitely continue on Super Sons. Nobody has written Damian and Jon better than him. I even dare to say that Jon was the best part of his Superman run anyway.


I think that is a fair thing to say.

Bendis on Superman will likely be the character’s highest sales since the Death story in the 90s, so it’s hard to blame them for the creative shuffle.


I’ve loved the current Superman books. However, it doesn’t seem to have made as much of an impact on the sales charts as just doing another Batman book. That’s no fault to the creative teams involved. They’re putting out likely the best Superman material since I’ve been reading comics.

Bendis on both books really is another John Byrne moment for the character. I think DC have realized the potential they have here and decided to capitalize on it.

There is also Bendis’ geographical connection to the character. I’m pretty excited about seeing the exhibit. I’ve been underwhelmed by previous exhibits like the one in the Cleveland airport and the “Superman Museum” in Metropolis, Illinois. The pictures look promising for this one though.


Superman is an icon no doubt, but he always struggles on sales unless there’s a BIG creative team involved. For all their talent, Tomasi and Gleason aren’t precisely “A listers”. Bendis moving to DC is a big event and they logically want to capitalize on that by putting him on the big guy.


I hope DC take care of Tomasi and Gleason too. They have been doing amazing work on the book and deserve their pick of next projects.


Well, Gleason is already confirmed to be with Bendis starting on Action #1001 :wink:

Tomasi, I guess he’ll still kick ass on the incredibly fun Super Sons (no one writes Damian and Jon better than him, no one!) and it would be amazing if they put him on Teen Titans, I’d throw my money at that book in a way I haven’t in a decade.


Just read that. Didn’t see it in the other article.

This article also has a better resolution copy of the image in the other article.


Ooh, I don’t know about that. I really liked Gleason but I don’t think he’s right for the a street-level/journalism-focused comics. Unless that not actually what the comic is going to be,


Yeah, Gleason staying on an action heavy Superman book, with someone like Maleev on a Clark Kent orientated Action Comics would seem like the best of both worlds to me.


from the forbes article

The Superman monthly will relaunch with a new issue #1 on July 11, while Action Comics picks up with issue #1001 on July 25,

jeebuz they don’t have very long memories do they.


Haven’t read the story but I assume the books will not stay on a biweekly $2.99 schedule unless Bendis is actually becoming Superman or has a ton of issues in the can.


I wonder if the biweekly drum beat will be Action Comics and Superman with some new books filling in the missing two weeks.


Bendis has always been able to write quickly so perhaps it will remain biweekly and that’s the reason for this:

Ivan Reis, Evan “Doc Shaner, Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes and Jason Fabok.