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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I can dig it. Although I wonder if maybe Green Arrow wouldn’t be a better fit.


Bendis’ best work has been on solo characters with strong supporting casts, in a relatively grounded crime context. I think Batman is a perfect fit for him.


I was at Wizard World Chicago (but not in the room) the year that the Daredevil/Batman crossover discussion/fight broke out. It’s an interesting way to frame the story as being a compliment to his Daredevil run.

I’m curious to see what he does with Superman in the Action Comics #1000 story. I wonder if he would have something interesting to say about that character having grown up in Cleveland, Superman’s birthplace.


Batman is a fairly obvious choice. Which isn’t a bad thing. I think there are several characters he could do well over at DC. Hopefully the new sandbox of characters will be good for Bendis.


Oh yeah, I’m intrigued either way.
I just think Green Arrow is a little more leeway and already has a history of covering some of the similar themes.

It’s way more interesting with both rather than some blockbuster or teen book


Just read a teaser for The Terrifics in the back of another comic. And I’m thinking, yes, ok, interesting mix of characters and I like Jeff Lemire, so this might be a “maybe”…

…and I get to the last page and it says “From the pages of Dark Nights:Metal”. Ok, so it’s involved in a crossover before it’s even started :roll_eyes:

And yes, I know this is how new titles have been launched for decades, and in the days when I bought 30 DC titles it would have worked and I’d have bought it.

But I’m not buying 30 DC titles, I’m buying 3, and none of them is Dark Nights:Metal, so it’s actually discouraging me from trying The Terrifics.

And yes I’m sure that not reading the series it’s spun out of won’t actually stop me understanding or enjoying the title, but that’s not the point. It’s the whole crossover philosophy that turns me off these days. Years ago it was a selling point, now it’s an anti-selling point.


I’ve read every Metal book so far and can’t recall seeing the Terrifics anywhere. I think you’re fine David.


Yeah, I see your point.
It’s playing into a sense of weariness when it doesn’t have to, except likely Challengers of the Unknown.

Damage itself was completely divorced from Metal outside of a single character who is otherwise immediately understandable of an archetype.

Figure most will be the same. Except for Challengers.


I think it’s because Plastic Man has been in it.

I do see David’s point that they are selling the line as new concepts and then use the tie-in for marketing. I would say don’t let it stop you reading the book though, DC’s ‘crossovers’ have been super light touch recently.


Mr Terrific and Plastic Man are in it.

But rarely do these things really mean anything to the book itself, especially when its a new creative team. “Oh no I need to read bloodlines to read Hitman”, said no one ever.


I’d see that as being nothing more than marketing.


Greatly little interview with Tom King. Spoilers for Mister Miracle up to issue #6. Really love his insight into the book.


Honestly you will not need to know a single thing about Metal to read that book David

I don’t think it can be considered part of a crossover.

I think they are using the ‘Metal’ brand to try entice readers to give these books the best hope they can of finding an audience.
It’s very difficult for new characters to sell books now at the big two.


I think Bendis will be great on Batman and it’s always been one of my dream picks when we did the ‘EIC of DC’ style threads years ago.

However, I really don’t want Tom King off Batman, I really don’t want James Tynion IV off Detective and I really don’t want them to launch another Batman book so I’m pretty disappointed at this news.

Get Bendis on The Question or Gotham Central and leave the main Batbooks alone for a while yet. He’ll sell those on his name alone.


Easy solution surely? Just create a new Bat-Book, call it Bat-Bendis if you like. If the quality’s there it’ll sell without cannibalising the others.


Or All-Star Batman.


Bendis on both Superman books and more.

Well, that would have me dropping the Superman books.


I’ve been loving the current team on Superman but this sounds awesome. I’m excited to see what Bendis will do.

My wife and I are also heading up to Cleveland on Monday to see the Superman exhibit in the Cleveland Library that inspired Bendis to take the DC job.


A miniseries called “Man of Steel” that leads to a relaunch of the Superman line?

I’m getting deja vu.

I’ll check it out. Might be fun.