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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here



Thanks Paul.

That format could actually really suit Astro City. Its fans are used to waiting for it too! :wink:


Why are they calling Delano the creator of Constantine? Especially when the article does detail his creation and use in Swamp Thing by Moore?


I assume for the reason that all comic book journalists do anything, to piss Alan Moore off. :wink:



Team Mystery, Team Entropy, Team Wonder and Team Wisdom:

Step One: Hire someone to get better team names


Just came to post something similar. This sounds pretty cool.


I will admit, the first thing that I thought of when reading the split into teams and those names was…


Looks like it could be fun. I haven’t been able to get into the current JL titles, so a fresh jumping on point is cool.

I do wish they’d move on from the Luthor as one of the good guys angle though.


I’m not happy about this at all

Both the JL titles written by Priest & Orlando have been really good.

I don’t get the logic in doing this and 1: I hope that Priest is getting another high profile book at DC and 2: JLA services a purpose that no other book does in showcasing a bunch of characters that can’t quite find an audience for their own solo books.



Not enough taffeta.


Needs nipples.


Usually the habit a lot of the media has of having someone else write the headline.

I don’t know if it’s just me noticing it but even outside of the usual clickbait stuff I see a lot of inaccurate headlines atop well researched and well written articles recently. This being a perfect example.


I can see the logic as Snyder is a bigger draw name that will sell more copes on a flagship book but it does seem a pity if the current team are doing well.

Priest did say he got back into writing comics because DC let him pick the property he wanted to write from a list of them so hopefully they keep doing that and don’t scare him away again.


Snyder (and presumably Capullo as well) on a Justice League book seems like the logical next step, after Batman and Metal.

I’m not reading the current JL books, so an overhaul involving Snyder and Tynion too is quite exciting. However, I’d be more excited to see New Challengers and Immortal Men actually come out sometime.

Btw, I don’t think Orlando will go far. He’s one of the in-crowd with Snyder et al. Maybe he’ll end up with a relaunched JLA like book too.


New Challengers is gonna be retitled “Justice League Challengers”.


I’m looking forward to Hickman’s Legion of Justice Leaguers.



This sounds exciting.