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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Robert Kirkman sent comics shops advance copies of the TPB of his new series before #1 comes out, so they’d know it was done.


All my worst fears for this line are coming true, after all of a single issue having shipped. Artists leaving after 3 issues; books being repeatedly delayed. It’s a train wreck. Or a really unfunny joke.


Hmmm. Have DC upset any powerful magicians lately?


I’m just catching up on a few more items before I’m almost fully up to day on all my comixology singles…I’m reading Action Comics 995 and it’s a lot of fun but I can’t make my mind up on brett booth

To my tastes I don’t really like his art and I think I’ve narrowed it down to his panel layouts.

I don’t know if this is something that’s commonly known or if there’s any sort of general awareness, but his panels are majority diagonally laid and i find it really messy looking.

It got me questioning why he does it and I’ve come up with 2 reasons, both of which make sense and to be honest I need to give him credit for it because it’s actually really smart - even if I don’t like it: he clearly puts a lot of thought into it.

1 - For pages with a lot of action, fights, explosions, movement…it makes the page look more dynamic and it pops off the page

2 - it gives him a lot more scope for layouts, camera angles and perspectives: for example if two characters are approaching each other and one is on the ground he’ll angle the side of the panel with the character on the ground low, and the other other side with the character jumping will be the high tilt of the panel. So it’s let’s him get more in the shot.
It gives more flexibility for what he wants to show.

Has anyone else noticed this and what are your thoughts?


I think Image actually has a policy now that either 2 or 3 issues have to be in the can before a book will solicit.


I have a real love/ hate relationship with Brett Booth’s artwork. I know it’s full of the worst '90’s stylistic touches, and is just generally pretty poorly constructed overall. But, I can’t help myself. I love it. I genuinely love the energy in his pages.


Yes, it’s been that way for a few years now as I understand it.


Booth’s style works with very specific types of characters. I think he’d be amazing on Spider-Man or Nightwing for example


Second thing I’ve been thinking about while reading this is how much I miss Booster Gold.
I think it’s time for him to get his own series again,even a 12 issue series, or a Blue and Gold title with the classic pairing, not the updated version of Blue Beetle.

So we’ve not done this for a while but what characters have we not had much of from Rebirth so far that you’d like to see in their own title.
I think DC has pulled off bit of a master stroke with the Orlando written JLA in that it’s basically like a showcase book for B & C listers like Lobo, Vixen, The Ray, The Atom, Black Canary, Killer Frost - which is why I love it. It jumps from focussing on one or two characters, to a team book and back again. And the arcs are usually quite short so if you don’t like one storyline you don’t need to wait long for the next one.

So I’ll start

Booster Gold & Ted Kord
Legion of Superheroes
The Question
(Crying out for Bendis to do this)


What’s his face … Y’know the guy I mean … C’mon … He wears red and green …


Or, Jack Knight, now Robinson’s back on form and good terms with DC.


Yeah, that’s why I think he was a great fit on Titans.

Maybe not so much on Action Comics.


We’re getting Blue and Gold in Action Comics right now. :wink:

I also agree with you on the current storyline. I don’t hate it but it isn’t lighting me up like previous stuff. I’m still loving Superman but Action doesn’t have me as excited every time I pick it up.


I think Robinson almost has to do new Jack Knight stories. I still think the New 52 Shade series was criminally overlooked. And the Starman reprints seem to have been taken for granted. Or maybe if he really doesn’t want to write Jack again, he could continue the story. Didn’t Jack have a kid?


Neither the New Challengers nor The Unexpected have solicits despite one of them being announced nearly a year ago and the other originally supposed to drop in march


I feel New Challengers delay is mainly spoiler based.


But if that was the case why wouldn’t they set it for april? Metal 6 comes out in march


Huh? Wha? That’s the first I’d heard of that. I wonder what “new form” means.


I read somewhere that it was switching to graphic novel format.


“Big News! Today’s solicitations feature Astro City #52 - the final issue of the monthly series! But have no fear - we’ll be back in the first all-new Astro City graphic novel! More details to come, from me, Brent, Alex and Vertigo Comics!”