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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Yes, that’s true.


I actually think the New 52 material was the best Green Lantern Johns wrote. Everything he did to broaden the mythos was important (second best was the debut of Larfleeze), but by the time he put a green ring back on Sinestro, and debuted Simon Baz, to me that was the stuff that felt most natural from him (apart from, again, Larfleeze). The Rebirth Green Lanterns, for me, is the main title now, the one that continues that legacy. Venditti was tasked with doing the sketch outline of what Johns hard been doing, the big stories, and that’s what he’s been doing, but in a way that’s consistently been different. Which means it’s never been as vital as Johns always seemed to be, when he got Blackest Night as a Green Lantern event. That sort of thing will never happen under Venditti. The Humphries/Seeley era under Green Lanterns, meanwhile, is a lot like the Tomasi/Gleason Superman. That’s the sort of thing epitomizing the Rebirth era. It’s much the same as what they were doing in Batman and Robin, but getting more awareness, respect, and readership. Green Lanterns continues like that, and not only does it again elevate the brand, but it also signals back to the Johns era, and reminds everyone how and why it worked so well.


Not sure why this link isn’t showing a preview but it’s about a “lost” Siegel and Shuster Superman story that is being reprinted. It’s quite interesting.


I have to give Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps a slight edge. Reliably a beautifully illustrated and colored book every month and almost always a popcorn ride.



GLAAD would picket the hell out of DC if they did that.


I remember as recently as Civil War II listening to the iFanboy review show and they were laughing that someone was mourning the ‘death’ of Tony StarK in another comic 3 weeks before it happened in the actual main book.


Doomsday Clock #3 -> :no_mouth: :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I just read all the Metal main books and Batman one shots. I don’t get the super high praise but it’s a pretty good action romp. I would say that if you’re trade waiting get a version that is just the main series. All the Batman one shots are unnecessary and just serve to clutter the story. They break up the main story flow too much.


I’ve enjoyed it as just a fun romp and mostly ignored the one shots. I did pick up the Flash one as it was highly praised here and Hawkman Found because of the @bryanhitch art. I don’t think the main story needs them though.


I recently did the same and I was left puzzled… it is ok and sometimes demented fun, bordering on the dumb side of things quite a bit.


Snyder and Capullo definitely have their tongue firmly planted in their cheek for a lot of the gags. You can see that in the editor’s notes like the one below from issue #4.


Metal isn’t exactly breaking new ground in any solid way, but it easily the most “fun” big story I’ve read in years. It’s a constant joy in the weeks in which there’s a new book.

Which is why I think it’s weird they had a whole glut of materials (the one shots and four-title crossovers) early, then went to a nearly dead signal for the last couple issues. But then, I’d probably complain if there was more to buy, and it appears they stuck crossovers in for story reasons, not bullshit ones.



Just confirming…

February 28’s Doomsday Clock #4 has been delayed by DC Comics, with a new intended release date of March 28. No reason was given for the schedule change by the publisher.

This comes just a few days after Newsarama reported that Doomsday Clock would be seguing from a monthly to a every-other-monthly schedule following the then-February release of #4.

Series writer Geoff Johns originally stated the series would run from November 2017 to January 2019 with two planned skip-months, but with this new schedule the final issue is projected for release July 2019.


One month really, from the previous rescheduling.


That’s perfect.


I don’t want to be the entitled fan, I am perfectly okay to wait for good work.

However DC have gone in with artists that don’t deliver monthly books regularly in recent times and promise monthly books and then they get delayed almost instantly.

They need to look at stockpiling work more seriously in these cases. 2000ad do it, they have some work completed a year before it’s published due to their weekly schedule that cannot miss due to newsagent distribution. Millar does it, I have seen a preview of several issues of the Hit Girl book that has yet to launch. Yes not always perfect as some personal issues caused a big delay for Jupiter’s Legacy but overall no other problems.

Nobody would have known or complained if they launched Doomsday Clock in May instead of November or a similar schedule for Immortal Men.

They typically cite it’s not the most cost effective way but Millar did this before his Netflix buyout as a sole operator, 2000ad has one title that sells around 25k a week. Nowhere near the resources DC have.


I already though the decision to release Doomsday Clock in November was weird, since Metal is still going. But the fact that they obviously didn’t have enough issues in the can makes it a very odd move indeed.

I love Gary Franks work. But there was no way he was going to manage a monthly book with 32 pages.


It was a symbolism thing.
Which, in light of this, was very weak reasoning.