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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I already dropped it. I’ve never been a huge Watchmen fan but was interested in the DCU aspect which seems non-existent.


I’m all in. Can’t resist Johns’ Lex Luthor.

I already know that there’s going to be much more tonal missteps ahead, like #2 had.


I’ve also come to the realization that while I don’t dislike him, I’m not a huge fan of Johns’ work.



I feel you. Johns is a writer I think I want to like more than I end up actually liking. My favorite thing from his was his Teen Titians with McKone. Really fun series. But then he went and screwed that up with Infinite Crisis. Since then my favorite thing about his is just that he get Gary Frank to do art on stuff.


I’d wager the DC aspect is going to play an increasingly larger role as the issues go on - I think the focus on the Watchmen characters was necessary exposition - not all the Rebirth readers will have read a comic from the mid 80’s, regardless of how good it is.


Or isn’t. :wink:


I found Johns best work to be his earlier stuff - Flash, JSA, Hawkman.

As to Doomsday Clock - one thing’s for sure it’s going to be a long time until the trade comes out.


My favorite thing from him has to be JSA. I think that he really felt in his element using that foundation to build stories off of. Per Degaton is just…amazing.

After that I think there’s always moreso aspects of other things that he’s done that shine out, rather than the whole product as a whole. Nothing really ever bad though. Just not as cohesive.


It’s probably no great surprise at this point, but I’m a huge Johns fan and I’m bias as fuck towards his work.


I’m glad some people like him. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy and I think he has a heart for the DCU. I enjoyed his Green Lantern and some of his Flash and Superman work. Countdown to Infinite Crisis and Rebirth are amazing single issues.

Where he generally loses me are on his event epics. I really wanted to like Infinite Crisis but just didn’t. I want to like Doomsday Clock but fear it would be much the same. There are plenty of comics I’m reading and enjoy. So I would prefer to prioritize those. If I hear differently on Doomsday Clock, I might check it out in trade.


Speaking of - how does the new Young Animal line fit into the regular DC continuity? Like Doom Patrol. Is it in the same world as the Justice League?


Not sure. I think so. But like the old pre-Vertigo “Vertigo” comics they intersect rarely.


I’d kinda fallen away from typical superhero comics, so initially I wasn’t interested in Johns - but then I read his JSA and he totally won me over.


It’s pretty interesting how little his Green Lantern run is mentioned considering how he turned that character from a total b-lister into DC’s biggest book behind Batman.


His Green Lantern run was an incredible achievement, a real landmark in comics

We can see now the impact he had as the Lantern titles settle back into B-List and the sales dwindle

It was also a really enjoyable run as was the Blackest Night mini series that more or less spun out of it. My second most favourite event after Final Crisis.


Green Lantern is perhaps the run that sums up everything Johns is, both his strengths and weaknesses.

The initial structure they laid out got people’s attention: Rebirth, Sinestro Corps, Blackest Night - then it kept on going and that’s where I think it started to lose people. It survived into the New 52 as well.

Johns on GL was kind of like Bendis on Avengers, they both started off great, but each sold an event as a finale point that wasn’t, so stoking irritation.



If Doomsday Clock is falling behind in the schedules, does that screw up the rest of the DCU too? I thought the plan was that the regular books were going to catch up with it at the point it was originally due to end.


I’d assume they probably have enough time to replan so nobody notices. There seems to be no link to the other books at the moment at all. If there is some big universe changing event meant for the end of it most comics have scripts in 3 months in advance and rough plots further ahead. It would have originally ended in November anyway.

It’d be way more difficult if they had concurrent crossovers. I remember Marvel getting stung by that on more than one occasion when a crossover reveals the end of the event title when it’s delayed.