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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Dan Jurgens is kind of the Mark Bagley for Superman =P



Hnh, The timing for this list almost couldn’t be worse with the arrival this week of Super Sons of Tomorrow.


I like that they haven’t rushed to bring everyone back. It helps establish credible new context.


Batman Annual #1 was a nice collection of short Christmas stories, by a variety of creators. The quality of the strips decreased as you went along, but the King/ Finch and Snyder/ Shalvey ones were pretty nice.

Batman Annual #2, on the other hand, was purportedly one of the best comics of the year. I didn’t get that feeling. It’s alright. Weeks’ art is gorgeous; I liked seeing Porky’s bar again. The Lark epilogue was touching. But, the rest was a pretty dull affair. Bah, humbug.


Ha. Sounds like you’ve cloned me! I too was ambivalent towards batman annual 2. (No surprise)


I never thought I’d be smiling ear to ear and filled with joy from a BATMAN book, but the last two issues of King’s “Batman” were sooooo good (36 and 37). King is just KILLING this.


I’ve got mine pre-ordered! Finally can push Earthwar (issues #241-245) on more people.

Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes Vol. 2,,

When Clark Kent travels to the 30th century, he meets the greatest peacekeeping force in the galaxy: the Legion of Super-Heroes! In these classic tales written by Paul Levitz, the Legion battles foes including the Fatal Five and the Resource Raiders, faces an invasion of Earth by the savage Khund, and witnesses the return of the wizard known as Mordru.

Collects issues #241-258 and DC COMICS PRESENTS #13-14.

This title will be released on July 17, 2018.


Am I the only one who thinks Superboy kinda looks like Donny Osmond on that cover?


As long as no one photoshops purple socks on Superboy we’ll be fine.


this is from the time when Mike Grell went a little wild with costume design. How high must he have been when he made some of them?


I guess we could use the excuse “It was the '70’s”.

And anyone pointing to Cosmic Boy’s outfit and saying ‘what man would wear that?’ while thinking it’s ok for the women, well
Hmmm, I started typing but now realize I thought the same thing back then.
My excuse? I was a boy, and you know, the '70’s & '80’s…



I’m playing catch up on a lot of stuff just now, hoping to get up to date on all my Comixology singles before I go back to work so I can start the year afresh and stay on top

I read a couple of DC horror comics, both at different ends of the scale

the demon: hell is earth was really bad. Just an utterly pointless book. If you are going to give these characters a mini series then at least do something interesting with them, or put a decent creative team on it to make it worthwhile.
I’ve never read anything by andrew constant before, but based on this outing it will be a name to avoid in future, without at least bit of fanfare leading to his work.
This is as bland a take as you could imagine.

On the flip side imaginary fiends by the ever reliable Tim Seeley is a creepy little mini series from vertigo. This is the sort of thing that probably would have been an ongoing when vertigo was firing on all cylinders and is like the sort of book that you’d see from Mike Carey in the past, albeit thru Seeley’s twisted lense.
Here, there are unseen forces stalking our world, preying on the young and vulnerable, who can only be seen by certain people.
There’s a couple of instants here that are not for the faint hearted, but it’s not designed to shock, more to underline the sort of entities we are dealing with here.
Seeley is a really good writer, and his Revival series is one of the best books of the last 10 years. He is on form here again with character names such as ‘polly peachpip’ who horribly describes stabbing as ‘kisses’.
Good stuff, sadly it is unlikely to find an audience of more than a few thousand people as talented guys like Seeley are seeing their work lost in the abundance of mediocre comics being produced at the moment.


There’s a big DC year-end sale on Comixology trades right now so if there are any Rebirth titles you want to catch up on then now is the time.

I got the first three trades of Tynion’s Detective Comics for $5 each. They collect issues 934 through 956 so that’s 23 issues of a great series for $15. Merry Christmas to me.


The aquaman annual was really good, pretty heartbreaking.

I have no idea who writer phillip Kennedy Johnson is but I’ll keep an eye out for him in future, he did a good job here although he was very much enabled by max fiamura, good to see his work again.

On the subject of artists, I see from robert vendetti’s interview, about his new Damage book that is coming out, with Tony Daniel…that the new age of heroes line of books is going to be done in the old marvel style; pretty heavily weighted to the artist, with a plot first approach then the writer filling in the dialogue afterwards - should be interesting to see if there’s a big difference in how the books read in comparison to DC’s other titles.


Ok, I have heard of his books before, I just have not read any of them

Pretty interesting guy


I just finished Batman 36 and 37 about the Batman couple and Supes couple and their double date.

Cute Story.


The justice league annual has art by Kelly Jones, which is so utterly engrossing that I had to read this in panel view, zoomed fully on one panel at a time.

His depictions of lobo are just incredible, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen - even from jones himself - it’s like a combo of Jones & Corban.

Some of his camera angles are also incredible, he’s got one panel with black canary talking, with the shot being of her, over his chin and teeth.



I am in for Doomsday Clock.

Hoping GJ delivers…