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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Is that you saying that as a Legion fan or as a comics fan in general? Would someone who couldn’t give a damn about the Legion get more enjoyment from it?


Hmmm…fair question. I find it annoying when Silver Age concepts are treated as jokes, because yes we know they’re silly, but it’s because they’re so silly that you have to treat them completely deadpan-serious, otherwise the whole thing becomes a painfully unfunny joke. (See for example: Adam West as Batman.) As soon as you treat them as jokes… well they’re not actually very good jokes :expressionless:

But that’s just a personal view, and others may disagree.

By comparison, I thought the Fudd/Batman story was awesome, and I think it worked so well because it treated the story seriously.


The reviews I heard from the iFanboy team were hugely variable, they loved the Elmer Fudd one and a couple of others weren’t bad but said a fair few of them were rubbish.


I only read those two. They were both fab. I’m tempted to try out the others next time there’s a Comixology sale.



Solicitations for March 2018

Who do you tend to prefer for solicitations, Sean? I used to use CBR but their site is so buggy anymore especially the solicitation pages that it’s just a pain to use.


Newsarama’s far better Ronnie.

Changing tack - so Doomsday Clock, are they going to catch up or will it be a +12 month series?

I know most of us were sceptical of getting 12 monthly Frank issues, but given how they’ve set this up, there is latitude to tell Doomsday Clock over a longer period. Especially if it means we get those 12 issues.


Have you tried the Previews site, Ronnie ?


Not in a long time. It used to not be useful at all. Is it good now?


I still use the catalogue - but I’m sure I’ve resorted to it before when my catalogue never arrived.

I’m going to be honest and say I don’t know if it’s good - I just remember that I’d used it as an option

Sorry no help there whatsoever really :joy:


I must admit these solicits for upcoming Detective Comics issues have me a little uneasy. Having been waiting impatiently for his return for a year, it’s unsettling seeing what looks like the start of Tim’s tragic descent. Be careful what you wish for, eh? :wink:

Still, I have faith that this is a double bluff; Tynion’s earned my trust. Such a great book.


I tend to use Newsarama, even if they have gone a little too ‘corporate’.
CBR is very buggy for me as well. Pop ups and everything just end up pissing me off.


I’ll switch to Newsarama then. It doesn’t look like they have the toy and statue stuff on theirs though.

CBR would actually freeze up on me. I can’t remember the last time a website (that wasn’t CBR) froze up on me.


Before Doomsday Clock was ever solicited Johns said that there would be two skip months and issue #12 would ship in December 2018. The rest of the DCU would catch up to those events at that point.

Edit: March and August will be the skip months.


So no Doomsday Clock and no Action Comics #1000 ? What a miss…


Ah, thanks, hadn’t come across that info. That’s a canny game plan, DC aren’t missing anything these days.


I’m kind of glad they’re giving Action Comics #1000 a month to itself instead of just shipping it as one of the bimonthly books. We still get Action Comics #999 after all.


But DC did (previously) say Action Comics #1000 would come out in March.
It still could be in the March 28th slot and lumped in with April’s solicits. That would give shops more time before the order cut-off, and not lose any hype over the holidays.

Edit: but the Hardcover companion ships April 17th so maybe April makes more sense.