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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Yeah, agree, that’s the only one I liked much myself.


Felt like the first half of an Outer Limits episode. I just wish it had an ending.


DC have been very canny on this arc they’ve spun.

The lead-ins to Doomsday Clock? The Rebirth special and The Button, about 5-6 issues worth of content.

Yeah, there’s other stuff going on in the Bat and Superman books but that’s optional.


I’m enjoying the engagement of Bruce and Selina in the main Bat book. Especially this issue where Selina and Talia meet up.


Sounds like the book has recovered well from the War arc - probably be a while before I get to it as I’ve gone for the Deluxe trades now.



Batman/ Elmer Fudd was a brilliant book. Absolutely amazing. A crazy, stupid, crossover idea that somehow turned into a brilliant little superhero noir. I finished this desperately wanting to read more of this version of Fudd. It would be criminal if he didn’t at least get a mini- series by the same creative team. Speaking of which, this was my favourite King Bat-book to date - I don’t like his Batman run, but this was something special. And Lee Weeks’ artwork was beautiful. A highly recommended book.

And, less well known, but very entertaining too was Lobo/ Road Runner, by Bill Morrison and Kelley Jones. Laugh out loud funny in places, with some great art. A great book!


SPOILERS for Batman: White Knight #3


That’s not a spoiler. It was revealed in the last issue.


It’s a spoiler for the last issue of you have not read it yet or if you are reading in trade

Don’t discourage him from putting spoiler warnings in, he’s spoiled about half a dozen storylines for me this year alone

JR can I just emphasise that you did the right thing there


I never did get a copy of the Batman/Elmar Fudd book. I expect there’ll eventually be a collection of all the DC/Loony Tunes books. Question is would the rest of the books make it worth holding out for the collection and paying a bit more for?


Well, I just found out from the new comics thread there was the looney combo of Road Runner / Lobo!

So, it may be.


Apparently the Superman/Batman group editors have been picked.

I’m putting good money that one of them is Alonso, and that Bendis is going to be given the reins to the main books. Given his interview, I’m guessing Superman, despite that seemingly like an odd fit over Batman. But the current Superman status quo is only going to last so long, probably to the end of Doomsday Clock, and then they’ll need a new thing. Meanwhile, Batman is set up solidly with two important, crowd-drawing creators steering the line.

Could be the other way 'round, of course, with Tom King being moved off Batman proper. But that seems like a bad move.



I think messing with either set of books would not be a smart move by DC.

The whole engagement with Catwoman only works if DC really see it through. Similarly, they can’t just get rid of Chris Kent.

So, what does that leave? World’s Finest? Bendis writing both characters in one book, with whatever guest stars he wants?


Nah, much of the Superman status quo is intertwined with and dependent on the Doomsday Clock stuff. That’s going to be a big relaunch point for Superman et al. Doesn’t mean they’ll get rid of all the characters (isn’t the kid’s name Jon, not Chris?). But they’ll want some new overarching plot/direction to keep people interested.

Putting Bendis in there is pretty much the biggest thing they could do. It’s one of DC’s biggest characters, with a whole natural ecology of books, which has generally been the way that Bendis works, but creating an overarching direction and then writing the flagships for it.

Writing a sidebook doesn’t make a lot of sense from a business perspective; All Star Batman didn’t sell to the level of Snyder OR King’s Batman, despite having Snyder with a bunch of big name artists and fan favorite villains.


Ah yeah, been a while since I read it.

Hmm, maybe it could work - I do think the whole family dynamic has really worked for the Super-books so DC shouldn’t change it.


That’s kind of Bendis’ thing, isn’t it? Between Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales, the stuff he did with Luke & Jessica, etc.

I still think he should relaunch and remake the Titans franchise, but the stars are aligned for Supes, especially with Bendis’ go to editor being a free agent and Supes AND Bats having an open group editor position.


Yeah. Also, if DC decided to let him build on that ensemble and not mess with it by editorially dictated events that sweep them away, they could really hit gold.


Didn’t read most of them, but the Bugs/Legion one was a bit rubbish.